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Kent Student Awards

Award categories

Students or groups can be nominated in any one of the following categories by staff, other students or members of the public. Student groups can self-nominate.

The judges are looking for inspirational students who have made a difference to people, communities or environments through dedication, innovation, understanding or skill.

The winners in each category will receive their very own brick in the University's 'Footsteps Path' and a certificate, and their achievement will be recognised on their Higher Education Achievement Report when they graduate.

The awards are open to individuals and to student groups, for example societies and sports clubs.

One of the individual winners of these prestigious awards will receive the additional honour of being named ‘Student of the Year’, and one of the winning groups will also be awarded ‘Group of the Year’.

[Please note that the judges reserve the right to not award all prizes in all categories - see terms and conditions for more details]


13 January – 22 March 2020
Nominations welcome

April 2020
Sub panel judging

May 2020
Main panel judging

Outstanding Contribution to Media and the Arts

Nominate a student or group for their work in media, the arts and culture. This could include their role in student media, music, drama, dance, writing, design and photography, and should show how they’ve contributed to communications or the arts while at the University of Kent.

Outstanding Contribution to the Community

This award recognises the work students have done to benefit the local area, on or off campus, while at university. This could be through developing college communities, participating in a community project, working with a local charity or school, or setting up a volunteering initiative.

Outstanding Contribution to Sports Development

Recognise a student or group in this category for contributing to the development of sport and physical activity. This could include starting a new student group, organising a sporting event to give new opportunities to students or providing coaching and support.

Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability

Do you know someone who has advocated for good practices or initiatives to support and develop sustainability? Recognise them for their work actively promoting environmental issues to students, staff or the local community to bring about effective change, whether small or large scale.

Outstanding Contribution to Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

Nominate a student or group whose work has celebrated diversity, promoted inclusivity or challenged inequality at the University, locally, nationally or internationally. This can be for work in areas such as LGBTQ+, race and ethnicity, culture, religion or belief, disability, mental health, carers, care leavers, or age. We also welcome nominations for student-led work that celebrates or promotes the University’s international or multicultural communities.

Outstanding Contribution to Student Voice

Recognise someone for representing student voice, on a local or national level, to achieve change that impacts and benefits students. Tell us about how they have advocated for change that’s made a difference to the student experience, such as through student networks, student reps or as a part of a campaign.

Outstanding Contribution to Fundraising

Nominate students who have devoted their time to fundraising, making a real difference for their student group, a charity or other good causes. Tell us about what they’ve done and the impact their work has had on other students or communities.

Outstanding Contribution to Academic Communities

Tell us about a student or group who have contributed to their Academic School or Centre through co-curricular activities. They might have represented students as a Student Rep, run an academic society, volunteered for Open Days, run events, or supported others through peer mentoring.

The Mike Oliver Award for Improving Accessibility

While teaching at Kent, Mike Oliver developed the Social Model of Disability based on the principle that nothing could be achieved for disabled people without their involvement in making decisions about their own lives. He believed that true accessibility is possible not by focusing on the individual’s impairments but by removing the physical, digital and cultural barriers in our society.

Nominate a student or group in this category for helping to improve accessibility at the University of Kent and beyond. For example, this could be through improving events to make them more inclusive and accessible to all, conducting research about student needs not currently met by the University, or raising awareness of disability issues and how to improve accessibility.

Chancellor's Awards

Student of the Year

One of the students winning the categories above will have honour of being named 'Student of the Year' by the University's Chancellor, Gavin Esler.

Group of the Year

One of the groups winning the categories above will have the additional honour of being named 'Group of the Year' by the University's Chancellor, Gavin Esler.

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