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Student experience

Enhancing living and leisure facilities

We continue to invest in our accommodation, transport and leisure facilities to keep Kent a safe, sustainable and fun place to be.

Here are some highlights of the work we've done to enhance the Kent student experience in living and leisure.


More enhancements to living and leisure facilities

  • Theatre, cinema and live music

    The development of unrivalled regional arts and culture facilities, including the Gulbenkian Arts Centre and the £8m Colyer-Fergusson Music Building. Check out the wide range of music opportunities and events at Kent.
  • Free transport between Canterbury and Medway, seven days a week

    The Campus Shuttle service provides free transport between Canterbury and Medway during term time. This service allows you to enjoy what both campuses and the region have to offer. The service runs at the weekend and has WiFi on board.

  • Helping students find good accommodation

    Home Stamp - the official source of accredited student accommodation in Canterbury. Helping you to find the best deal with a landlord you can trust.

  • 24-hour bus service in Canterbury

    There is now a 24-hour bus service from our Canterbury campus to Canterbury City centre.

  • Award-winning Accommodation Team

    Our Accommodation Team won an international award for the accommodation and support they provide to students.

  • Multicultural celebrations

    Over the last year, more than 900 students have enjoyed a range of multicultural events at Kent, including celebrations for Chinese New Year, Diwali and Thanksgiving. The Multicultural Events Fund also provides financial support for Kent students wishing to organise a multicultural event.

  • Meet people from home

    To create a supportive student network, Kent has set up email groups and an international student ‘buddy’ scheme which allows you to contact other students from your home country.

Flex Catering Package

If you live on or off-campus, you can buy the Flex Catering Package. The package gives you an allowance of £8 a day to spend on food and drink at most places on campus. This will save you 40% on your food bill over the year.