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University financial summary

The information below provides an overview of the University’s financial performance in the year to 31 July 2017.

The University’s Financial Framework requires it to generate an annual surplus in order to ensure its financial viability and sustainability, to ensure the ongoing quality of the student experience and research, to renew the physical estate and to provide mitigation against future uncertainty.

In the year to 31 July 2017 the University achieved a financial surplus of £16.4m which, combined with the accumulated surpluses from previous years, enabled significant capital investment in the University’s estate. More information on the figures shown here can be found in the University’s Annual Review/Financial Statements for the year.

The graph and tables below show the source of the University’s income, where funds were spent and, finally, the capital investment made.


Where our funding comes from

Income 2016/17
Student tuition fees £161.3m
Government funding grants £34.9m
Funding for research projects £16.7m
Residences & catering £35.6m
Other sources £17.7m
Income from investments £1.4m
Total income £267.6m

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How we spend it

Expenditure 2016/17
Running academic schools £95.1m
Computing and library services £19.9m
Student support services & facilities £24.4m
Bursary payments to students £15.7m
University administration £16.4m
Direct costs of research projects £12.4m
Maintaining our buildings and facilities (including residences) £34.3m
Operating residences and catering services £33.0m
Other expenditure £0.0m
Total expenditure £251.2m

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Investing in your future

Capital expenditure for 2016/17
Major new teaching & learning facilities £18.2m
Refurbishment of academic, social & recreational spaces £4.8m
Refurbishment of residences & catering facilities £3.8m
Campus infrastructure improvements £0.5m
Academic school equipment £1.3m
Library and computing equipment & University systems £5.3m
Other £0.6m
Total capital expenditure £34.5m

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