Global travel is significantly affected by the coronavirus. We are monitoring the Covid-19 situation very closely along with any special measures taken by host universities and local authorities. Our policy is to abide by our host institution responses, in conjunction with international and UK government guidelines, including those of the FCO. See our FAQs below about travel and student visas.

For latest updates, all students and staff should follow the Government's Foreign Travel Advice. This provides guidance regarding travelling abroad, including the latest information on coronavirus, entry requirements and travel warnings. 

Returning home

As the University has confirmed that teaching and assessments will be done remotely, there is no requirement for you to continue to stay in the UK as you will be able to continue with your studies from home. As this is a rapidly evolving situation, there will be some things that are beyond our control, for instance (depending on where you live) the future availability of visa extensions, funding and travel options. These are things you should think through before making a decision. Tier 4 students must read this further information.

Please do your best to engage with the online teaching and study materials including revision and preparation for assessment and exams. Your school will provide you information regarding their plans for alternative methods of teaching, assessment and examination. Please then keep in touch with us by checking your University email address as we may need to contact you regarding alternative methods of teaching, assessment and examination.

We are strongly recommending you return from your placement abroad provided that you are able and it is safe to do so, noting the local conditions and limits on travel that might require special permission.

If you are a Study Abroad or Erasmus placement student, please contact International Partnerships ( or as appropriate) to confirm your location and your plans.

If you are on another type of placement (i.e. a work placement), please contact your School Placement Office.There is also information in this recent update from our Head of Careers and Employability

Students and colleagues at our European Centres in Brussels, Paris, Rome and Athens will also be supported and advised by our European Administration team and the staff based locally. 

Tier 4 students

UPDATED 09.00 12 June: The University continues to support our Tier 4 sponsored students in any way possible. If you have specific concerns or require guidance about any of the following, please direct your enquiry to the appropriate teams indicated:

General health and wellbeing, self-help resources, mental health support -

Immigration status (Tier 4 sponsorship, change of location, visa expiry/extension) -

If you have any queries about issues related to your course, please contact your academic school directly.  In the meantime, please do your best to continue whatever work your programme requires.

Further guidance and support, is available on the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website (general support for international students).  

UPDATED 16.00 1 AprilIt is essential that you inform us if you decide to travel home by emailing and the our Student Immigration Compliance Team on

Please advise should your location change as we may be required to report this to the UKVI. This will ensure that your Tier 4 sponsored status remains compliant.

Some things are beyond our control at this point, such as the future availability of visa extensions, funding and travel options. These are things you should think through before making a decision.    

During your period of absence, it is essential that you engage with your studies via the University’s arrangements for online provision and remain in good standing, as this is a requirement of your Tier 4 visa. If you have notified the above departments of your absence, you will not be penalised as a result. We can work together to ensure we minimise any impact on your visa.

UPDATED 09.00 12 June The Home Office guidance Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice for UK visa applicants and temporary UK residents is regularly updated. Please check here in the first instance for information for your circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have any information about visas due to expire beyond 31 July 2020 at present. If you require longer permission to remain in the UK, you are expected to submit an application in the relevant category as normal, prior to your current visa expiry date.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact either the Student Immigration Compliance Team or the University’s Student Union Advice Centres (Canterbury and Medway)

UPDATED 09.00 12 JuneIf you are able to continue your studies remotely, there will be no impact on your visa status.

Please keep checking your University email address as we may need to contact you regarding alternative methods of teaching, assessment and examination. Keep in touch with us should your circumstances change.  

If you are not able to continue studying and need an intermission, you should contact your academic school to commence this process. Your Tier 4 visa will be curtailed and you will have to apply for a new visa to resume your studies next academic year.

IMPORTANT: You are not permitted to work during a break in your studies. Breaching your working conditions could have serious consequences on your immigration permission.

Should repeat study and/or a visa extension be required in the near future, we will provide all possible support to Tier 4 students who remain in good academic standing and keep us informed of any changes in their circumstances.

Students who are studying abroad

Some international institutions have moved their programmes online and, where this is the case, students should continue to engage with their studies as required.

These are the mitigating circumstances the University are taking into consideration.

  • Where Covid-19 at a particular location prevents a student from completing the period of study
  • Where no alternative suitable learning experience was available
  • Where this does not impact on the requirements for specific programmes subject to professional regulation. If this is the case, your School will let you know.

As part of the mitigations put in place by the University, students will not be required to pass 33% or more of the full-time course load (but less than 66%) in order to be able to have anopportunity to take additional assessment(s).  The application of this mitigation is intended to ensure students are not disadvantaged by being denied the opportunity to achieve more than 33% of the required passes as they were unable to complete the full period of study due to the impact of Covid-19.

Schools may set all affected students the additional assessment(s) which they can take to achieve a pass for the stage and progress.

  • This mitigation will not apply where a student withdrew from the period of study abroad for reasons unrelated to the disruption caused by Covid-19.  
  • Please note that students who were doing a British Council Assistantship and who are assessed by a Year Abroad essay will still need to meet that requirement.  
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