Your financial situation may be impacted by COVID-19. Learn about financial support available to you.

The Kent Union Advice Centre and GKSU Advice Centre are able available to help with issues around about finance and work. 

Financial support

If you are struggling financially due to Covid-19, you might be eligible for emergency funding. This funding includes loans and discretionary funding to support you. 

There is lots of support available so please do review the funds to find any that might be suitable for you.

Although the Financial Aid Office is not currently seeing students in person, you can contact them at or by calling 01227 823488, 01227 824876 or 01227 823851. 

You can also book a virtual appointment with the Financial Aid Team.

Yes, you can still apply for funding up to 9 months after the first day of the academic year for your course.

Please see the government website for further information.

If your funding is going to be delayed for any reason, there are several steps you can take to help you manage the first few weeks:

  • Contact Student Finance England to get regular updates on what you need to do and when your funding will be released;
  • Open a Student Bank Account with an interest free overdraft;
  • Contact the Income Office or your landlord to explain the situation and try to negotiate a new payment date for any accommodation fees or rent;
  • Find some part-time work by registering with the Kent Union Jobshop;
  • Apply to the University for an Emergency Short Term Loan from the Access to Learning Fund.

Find out more on our Student Finance webpages.

You can find further information on the Student Loans Company (SLC) Frequently Asked Questions.

Undergraduate funding contacts:

You can find further information on the Student Loans Company (SLC) Frequently Asked Questions.

Postgraduate funding contacts:

The Income Office will not be taking payments in person or over the phone. You can however make payment online or via a bank transfer, all options can be found on their Methods of Payment page.

If you wish to contact the Income Office you can find all the information you need on their Contact Us page and Finance FAQs page. 

Accommodation fees

Updated 13 January: We are introducing a rent reduction scheme for all students with contracts for accommodation on the Canterbury campus who are unable to return due to the current Government lockdown restrictions.

You should have received an email from the Accommodation Team with a link to a simple form. Complete the form to apply for the equivalent of a six-week reduction of your second term accommodation fee. 

In order to allow time for the application process and for us to apply the reduction, we will also be delaying this term’s rent payment date until 1 March 2021. A revised statement will be sent to you during the week beginning Monday 22 February 2021 to confirm the new amount.

The amount of the reduction will take into account whether or not you have ‘Bed and Flex’ or ‘Bed and Bistro’ packages as part of your fee. Those students who have purchased the Flex catering package in addition to their accommodation fee will be contacted by the Catering team separately.

Updated 3 February: Pier Quays accommodation in Medway is owned and operated by Unite, a private provider. They have announced their own rent reduction scheme, which has now been extended by 3 weeks until 8 March 2021.  

Tuition fees

Will the University be offering a reduction in fees for the 2020-21 academic year?

Updated 8 February: We appreciate that you, our students, invest heavily in your education. We work hard to provide you with the best possible experience and opportunities at Kent, so you can achieve the learning outcomes you need to progress and graduate.

We understand this academic year has been challenging for many different reasons. The pandemic has required that we change how we deliver our teaching and elements of our student life at Kent. This has inevitably meant that your experience has been different from previous years. Despite this, we are confident that our Schools and professional service departments have adapted their approach to teaching, assessment and support to ensure no student is disadvantaged by the impact of the pandemic. Our continued priority is to ensure all our students can access the high-quality teaching and ongoing support they need to progress academically and graduate. We are therefore not considering a fee reduction for this academic year.

We understand the uncertainty created by the pandemic in 2020-21, so we have kept you regularly updated with the changes that may affect you via email, our Student Coronavirus website and other channels, including regular webchats. Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to follow Government guidelines to keep everyone safe which has meant making significant changes to our campuses and operations. Extensive risk assessments and safety inspections have taken place across all our buildings and we have redesigned all our teaching spaces, taking all the steps we can to mitigate risk. We have successfully moved our academic and support provision to fully online under lockdown situations to ensure the continuity of your studies and have deployed a range of academic mitigations to limit any impact (eg extensions).

Our primary focus at this midway point of the academic year is to continue to provide the best possible teaching and experience we can for all our students (balancing online, blended or in-person provision in response to Government guidance and Tiered Restrictions), so that students can continue to achieve their programme learning outcomes and progress as planned. To facilitate this, we have adapted all our study programmes to include interactive, online content and moved all our assessments and exams online while providing extra help to support your effective online study. We have significantly improved access to our library digital resources to help all students access the materials they need. Our staff continue to provide extensive advice to those students needing mental health support and we also have a range of financial packages available for any students experiencing hardship. We will continue to review our approach for the remainder of the year and make necessary adjustments to ensure all our students receive the learning outcomes they expect.

We do appreciate how challenging this year has been and we will continue to do all we can to support you through the pandemic. Your Student Support Teams remain committed to supporting any short- or long-term difficulties you may experience that affect your studies or ability to meet the requirements of your course. However, if you believe that you have been treated unfairly due to the pandemic or feel any concerns you have already discussed either with your School or Division have not been suitably addressed, you can raise this through our Complaints Procedure.

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