University is not all about studying, it’s also about enjoying student life. We know things are a different at the moment, however we still want you to get the best out of your time at Kent.

Our student life pages include information about accommodation on and off campus, what to expect with extra-curricular and other activities and how you can travel safely. 

Campuses and facilities

Updated 13 January: Yes, our campuses are providing essential services to students living on campus. Some services are affected by the  national lockdown guidelines.  

There are some restrictions on campus including one-way walking systems in buildings and hand sanitiser at building's main entrances. Read our safety page for more information.  

If you are on campus you will be required to wear face coverings during teaching sessions, in the library and other indoor spaces. 

Updated 2 December: To comply with Government guidance, Kent Union and GKSU have had to make changes to their services. 

Further information about what services are available and how to get in touch with them is available on the Kent Union website

Updated 13 January: We have had to make some changes to on-campus services to comply with national lockdown guidelines

From 11 January 2021, all catering outlets expect for Rutherford Dining Hall are closed. You can find the opening hours for Rutherford here

Students with Flex credits and those with a Bed & Bistro catering package, will be served all meals in Rutherford Dining Hall. 

All sport and fitness facilities (except our Physiotherapy Clinic) are closed until further notice. 

Park Wood Co-op is open. The main Kent Union Plaza Co-op is closed until further notice.  

The Templeman Library will be open during the following hours: 

  • Monday to Friday 10.00 - 16.00.
  • Saturday and Sunday - Closed. 

Where can I study? - study hub information.

You now don’t need to renew or return any books, including document deliveries, till Friday 26 February inclusive. 

Student Support and Wellbeing reception is open however students should contact via phone or email first if possible.

Updated 13 January: We have had to make some changes to on-campus services to comply with Government guidelines relating to the national lockdown.  

On the Medway campus, the Drill Hall Library will be open during the following hours: 

  • Monday to Friday – 9.00 to 19.00.
  • Saturday and Sunday – 9.00 to 17.00.

The sports facilities on the Medway campus are closed until further notice. 

The Pilkington Café is open between 8.00 to 16.00 where you can purchase food and drink.  

Co-curricular experience

Updated 13 January: Our Students’ Unions are supporting our clubs and societies’ activities online. Please contact Kent Union and GKSU for more information.    

Updated 13 January: England is currently in a national lockdown. The sports facilities are closed until further notice.  

Please contact Kent Sport for further information. 

Local travel

Updated 13 January: The Government has recommended students should not access campus facilities unless in the one of the groups listed below.  

  • International students who have remained in the UK or who have arrived and do not have alternative accommodation 
  • Students who have had to return to their accommodation due to not having access to appropriate study spaces or facilities at their home address 
  • Those requiring additional support, including with mental health and wellbeing 
  • Commuting students who require occasional access to university facilities if essential to access online learning  
  • Researchers and research students whose work is dependent on access to specialist facilities to do their work only if it is impossible for you to continue your research at home 

Please only make use of the facilities when it is essential to reduce the number of people on campus at any one time. 

If you are not in any of the groups, or your visit is not essential, please do not visit campus. 

Updated 21 January: England is currently is a national lockdown and so you must stay at home. You can only leave home for certain reasons such as essential shopping or medical assistance. 

As part of their service reduction, Stagecoach have suspended operating the Unibuses to and from Canterbury campus. This means that the Number 4 bus will be the only bus serving the Canterbury campus at this time, every 30 minutes.     

If you do need to use public transport for essential reasons, please remember to:

  • Maintain social distancing at our bus stops at all times; 2 metres away from each other at our campus bus stops or 1 metre plus with face covering, unless you are standing with someone who is in your bubble
  • Allow room for passengers to disembark the service and allow them to social distance when walking away from the bus
  • Not sit at the campus bus stops next to each other, unless you are sitting with someone who is in your bubble.

Updated 13 January: Due to the latest Government guidance for universities, the University has taken the decision to suspend the Campus Shuttle service until 28 February 2021.

If you are a KMMS, Pharmacy or Social Work student who is still attending campus for face-to-face teaching and you need to use the Campus Shuttle service, please see the Campus Shuttle website for alternative travel arrangements

Socialising and exploring the local area

Updated 13 January: We are currently in a national lockdown so you must stay at home. Exceptions for when you can leave home include essential shopping, medical reasons or for exercise (once per day).

If you do need to leave home, please ensure you follow social distancing regulations and wear a face covering to keep yourself and those around you safe. 

Updated 13 January: England is currently in a national lockdown. You must stay at home except for certain reasons such as essential shopping or exercise.  

One of the perks of studying at Kent is access to lots of outdoor space. 

During lockdown you can go for exercise on your own, with your household or with one other person from another household. Leaving the house for exercise is limited to once per day and you must stay local.  

It is important to take regular exercise, as a break from your studies and to stay active. Take a read about some of Kent's walks and outdoor spaces for local walks. 

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