We are committed to ensuring you continue to progress with your studies during self-isolation. Academic and support staff are on hand to provide advice and the resources you need. We can help you to develop additional skills and to broaden your knowledge which will benefit your programme of study.

Your academic school

We understand you might be concerned about missing teaching time while you self-isolate. Please be assured we will do all we can to get you the support you need.  

If you need to self-isolate, please complete this online reporting form and review the information. Once you complete this form, your school will automatically be notified so you don’t need to worry.  

Your school will then be in touch to discuss how they can best support you during your self-isolation. If you are well, there may be some additional resources or materials they can send to help you continue with your studies. 

We understand academic concerns are high for students in self-isolation. The information you complete on our online reporting form will be held on record by our Student Services team. It will stand as formal evidence in any subsequent mitigation request, if you feel your academic assessment may have been affected by self-isolation.  

It is important however that you let your school know as soon as possible if you have any academic concerns. They will want to discuss and offer you appropriate adjustments to mitigate impact on your studies during this time, wherever possible.

Please speak with your academic adviser and/ or module convenor to find out any support they can offer. Your academic adviser can help you plan for your time in isolation, ensuring that you stay on track.  

Wi-Fi in your accommodation

All University accommodation bedrooms have wired internet access as well as Wi-Fi (Eduroam). You should use your wired connection rather than wireless connection when you can as it is more reliable. This ensures you are able to work effectively.  

If you have any issues connecting to Wi-Fi, please let us know so we can help. Further information and troubleshooting can be found in our Get Connected guide. 

Effective remote learning

Due to the pandemic, all our courses are being taught in a blended way this year, which means a combination of in-person sessions and online lectures. If you are self-isolating, you will be unable to attend any in-person teaching scheduled for your modules. 

Your academic school will be aware of your self-isolation and can support your remote study. If you haven’t already, you should complete the new Moodle module 'Online Learning at Kent: A Guide to Successful Study Online'. This will help you build the skills and expertise needed to get the most from your remote study, which will be hugely valuable this academic year.  

Remember you can access the Library’s great range of online resources. If you have any questions, you can contact Online IT and Library Support. The University has a useful Online Teaching and Learning Guide which should help to study effectively during self-isolation. 

Developing your skills

Have you thought about taking an online course or module through the University? There are lots of great virtual exchange projects you can get involved with.  

You might also want to check out Future Learn.This is a great resource which allows you to learn a new skill online or find out more about a hobby you have always wanted to try.  

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