After a challenging year, we're excited to welcome you back to campus to experience the full breadth of what Kent has to offer. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality education and student experience whilst keeping everyone safe.

Autumn 2021 update - 11 August

We're looking forward to reopening our campuses for the new academic year in September and are determined to deliver as much face-to-face teaching as we can, while ensuring that the safety of our entire community remains at the heart of what we do. 

In the Autumn term, everyone will benefit from in-person teaching with weekly interactive face-to-face sessions supported by online lectures where these have proved to work well. By Spring, our intention is to have transitioned to a full campus timetable.

We'll continue to review this in light of any changes to Government guidance would love to get your views too. Plans may vary and be specific to each course, but will be communicated to you as soon as further details become available. 

Teaching and learning

We’re determined to deliver as much in-person teaching as possible, with everyone benefitting from weekly interactive face-to-face sessions supported by online lectures where these have proved to work well. 

Many of our lectures will be live, then also available as recorded sessions so all students can access them regardless of location or time differences. 

When designing our programmes, we have carefully considered your feedback so that while we return to more in-person teaching we retain the activities that have worked well online. This means combining face-to-face teaching with accessible online options, so your study programme suits you and your requirements.

Your academic school will be in touch with you soon to provide specific information relating to your study programme. 

By the 2022 Spring term, we intend to run a full campus timetable. 

Whilst we look forward to welcoming you all back in person, we know that might not be possible for some of you. For those of you unable to return, remote study will remain an option for most courses.

Later this term, as plans progress, your school/department will email you with more details on how your subject will be taught from September and will provide advice for those requiring remote study.

Yes, all our onsite laboratories will be open on campus. All our lab spaces have been designed to comply with current health and safety guidelines.

Our fantastic facilities provide an opportunity for you to work alongside your peers and collaborate as a staff and student community.

We understand how vital our teaching spaces are for you to develop first-hand, practical knowledge and experience to support your academic progression. This is why we have prioritised these in-person events in our academic timetable. 

Your academic adviser can provide you with personal support to ensure you get the best from your studies.

These sessions may take place online or in person depending on subject, and provide an opportunity for you to talk through your progress and to access any additional support or resources you would find helpful.

Further information about the role of our academic advisors and how they can support you throughout your studies at Kent can be found on their webpage.

We understand that the risk of another lockdown taking place is concerning, however we are fully prepared for this eventuality.

Our blended teaching programme has been designed to allow us to change our provision to fully online should we need to. This means we can continue to deliver the same high-quality teaching and learning experience to you regardless of your location or whether face-to-face teaching is permitted.

Our support services have adapted throughout the pandemic to provide advice and support to students virtually. Templeman and Drill Hall libraries have extensive digital resources ensuring you can access the publications and information you need without having to come onto campus.

We have carried out extensive audits of our buildings and have strict Covid-secure protocols in place to look after our University community whatever the situation demands.

We are prepared to deliver you a fantastic experience at Kent regardless of any challenges we may face.

There are currently still restrictions concerning international travel and we believe these may continue for some time.

Any international students wishing to travel to campus for the start of term should check the UK Government’s Travel Advice website. You should also check the relevant travel advice within your home country.

Please be aware that some countries may still have restricted borders. There may be testing and quarantine requirements for any countries you travel through.

Please check and confirm all your travel plans before starting your journey.

Your academic school will shortly be providing you with specific information about next academic year’s teaching for your study programme. This will help you make any necessary travel arrangements.

Please see our dedicated study and work abroad webpage to learn more about your options.

The University has agreed to cover the costs of a managed quarantine hotel stay for all Undergraduate and Postgraduate students arriving from a red list country, whether you are starting with us this year or are returning to continue your studies.

At present, under UK government restrictions, those of you who are based in a red list country will need to quarantine for a period upon arrival in the UK. If this affects you and you are required to pay to stay in a managed quarantine hotel, we will put a credit in your account equating to the amount of the stay fee (currently set at £2,285) upon receipt of proof of expenditure.

Full details of how to arrange this will be available on our International Welcome pages shortly. 

Student support

Over the past year, your studies have been disrupted and you’ve had to adapt to different ways of learning and collaborating as a University community. You’ve shown you’re resilient, but we’re ready to help if you need support or guidance.

Our Student Support and Wellbeing Team offers a range of different individual and group appointments, both online and in-person. The team can help you look after your mental health and wellbeing, as well as supporting those students with specific learning disabilities.

A series of wellbeing events and activities will be run throughout the year, providing you with online and in-person opportunities to look after your mental health and take a break from your studies. 

Our Careers and Employability Service is here to offer advice from the day you arrive at Kent until three years after you leave.

There are lots of resources you can access online to help support your career planning. You can also book an appointment, in-person or online, to discuss further with a member of our team.

They can help whether you have a firm idea or a vague notion of the career you want to follow, so take advantage of their expertise and book an online appointment. 

Our Student Learning and Advisory Service (SLAS) are here to support all students, from foundation to PhD, so you can achieve your academic potential. 

SLAS provides many online resources and workshops to help you to improve your study skills.

You can also make an appointment to talk to an advisor, online or in-person, at a time to suit you. 

There is lots of support and advice available if you are struggling financially. We are here to help you plan ahead and get access to any emergency funding you need.

Please see our Financial Support page or contact to discuss your options with one of our team.

Campus life

Working in collaboration with Kent Union and The Hub, we will be running a diverse range of events at both Canterbury and Medway for new and returning students from September 2021.

There will be a huge variety of events on offer, meaning you can pick up on the hobbies you have missed or try something completely new.

You’ll have the chance to participate in a wide range of sports, society events, live music and meet ups. Together, we’re planning to make up for lost time!

Our events will help you reconnect with other students and be part of our diverse University community. We cannot wait for you to get involved.

Yes, The Venue will be open on the Canterbury campus, providing a range of evening events and entertainment. With many different themed nights available, there really is something for everyone.

All Venue events are published on The Venue Facebook page.

All our bars and cafes at both Canterbury and Medway will be open and are very excited to welcome you back.

With indoor and outdoor seating, along with new menus and offers, there is lots to look forward to.

You can find out the latest opening hours and available services on our Campus Facilities page.

Our Sports Centre will be open providing both indoor and outdoor sports.

Sport is such an important part of our University and we can’t wait to see our students compete and play for fun on our campus once again.

Please note that sessions for some activities may need to be booked in advance.

Please see the Sports Centre website for more information. 

Yes, both the Templeman Library at Canterbury and the Drill Hall Library at Medway will be open. You can find out the latest opening hours and services available on our Campus Facilities page.

Through our libraries you can access thousands of printed publications as well as an extensive digital library, enabling you to access the resources you need wherever you happen to be in the world.

Both our libraries contain a variety of study spaces for independent and group work, so you can collaborate with other students to support your learning. 

Kent Union and The Hub offer a broad range of volunteering opportunities so you can develop your skills and connect with other students.

Next academic year, you will be able to participate in many different volunteering experiences, carried out following the latest social distancing guidelines.

There are many diverse opportunities you can participate in, on campus and in the local community.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to build your CV, meet new people and have tons of fun whilst supporting a great cause. 

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