Exam paper guidance for staff

Calendar 2022

Date Process
January onwards Student Administration first contacts the Chief Examiners/Exam Administrators regarding scheduling requirements, exam length check and special version check
7 March Draft exam timetable sent to examiners
18 March Submission of all question papers
21 March Final exam timetable published to staff
28 March Final exam timetable published to students
9 May Exam period starts
17 June Exam period ends



Those who are not using the samples should use the following margins:

Ordinary exam paper and special version of paper
Top: 1.75cm; bottom: 2.54cm; sides: 2.54cm

Default fonts

University, Module code, Division, Level, Module Title and Date information: Arial, 13 point bold

Rubric and main text: Arial, 12 point

Some papers may need to use different fonts (eg for mathematical formulae)

Page numbering

Page two onward should be numbered top centre.

The phrase 'please turn over' should not be added to the bottom of the pages.

Coloured illustrations

  • The rubric should state that visual material accompanies the paper.
  • The module code should appear in the top right corner of any additional papers.

Quotations, sources and lists

Quotations: Use single quote marks with double quotes within the sentence where necessary.
Sources: Sources should be at the end of long quotes and flush with the right hand margin.
Lists: Lists should be indented and separated from the question.

Splitting questions

Splitting of questions between pages should be avoided, particularly at the end of pages that will be turned over (odd numbered pages). A small margin reduction (on the relevant page only) is permitted if it stops the question being split and removes the need for an extra page to be printed.

With the permission of the examiner concerned, it may be possible to change the order of the questions on the paper.

Rubric (Front page information)

The rubric should state:

  • The number of questions on the paper and give clear instructions about the number of questions to be answered.
  • Whether formulae, data or extracts from books are attached/appended to or provided with the question paper.
  • What additional materials can be used
  • Whether the use of calculators is permitted (where relevant).

Please note the following definitions:

Provided: means that the information will be provided as a separate upload.

Additional materials: Permitted materials should be specified in as much detail as possible (eg. Blackstones/dictionaries).

Special papers: Special papers for candidate(s) who were taught the module in a previous academic year, should state ‘special paper for students who took the module in 2020/21' (or relevant year) above the rubric.

No name or examination number should appear on the paper.


Staff must ensure that candidates are not able to see or gain access, either accidentally or deliberately, to exam questions or related material.

Staff who are preparing papers should keep a record of the progress of each paper, including date submitted for typing, date typed, date final version checked, signed and approved for print by the examiner concerned, and submitted to the Medway or Central Student Administration team via SharePoint.

Care must be taken to ensure exam material is kept confidential, whether in paper format or on a computer screen.

Offices should be locked when unattended and computers should be locked or logged out.

Exam questions and papers which are due to be submitted to the student administration teams should not be sent by internal mail or as email attachments, but should be submitted on the Exams Sharepoint page.

Exam papers should not be sent by fax to External Examiners.

Care must be taken when disposing of earlier versions or unwanted copies of examination papers. Hard copies should be destroyed by shredding.


Submission deadline 2022: Friday 18 March

It is recommended that examiners complete question papers well in advance of the deadline and update the cover sheet with the relevant dates and times after the exam timetable has been published.

How to submit papers

Papers should be uploaded to SharePoint in the relevant School folder within one week of publication of the final exam timetable (usually published on a Monday for the main exam period and a Wednesday for the resit period).

Please note:

  • Exam papers should be named using their module code, eg EC300.pdf
  • All files should be submitted in .pdf format.
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