Faculty of Sciences

School of Sport & Exercise Sciences 2020-2021


Changes to Assessment Methods 2020/21



Undergraduate modules

  • SPOR3260 (SS326) Functional Anatomy
  • SPOR3270 (SS327) Introduction to Biomechanics
  • SPOR3130 (SS313) Introduction to Sport and Exercise Nutrition
  • SPOR3380 (SS338) Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology 
  • SPOR3440 (SS344) Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • SPOR3450 (SS345) Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics
  • SPOR3460 (SS346) Introduction to Human Physiology
  • SPOR3480 (SS348) Introduction to Fitness Testing
  • SPOR3490 (SS349) Introduction to Professional Skills
  • SPOR3500 (SS350) Introduction to Sports Industries
  • SPOR3510 (SS351) Mechanisms of Sport Injuries
  • SPOR3520 (SS352) Peripheral Joint Assessment
  • SPOR3530 (SS353) Sport and Remedial Massage
  • SPOR5030 (SS503) Sports Event Management
  • SPOR5040 (SS504) Individual Research Study
  • SPOR5230 (SS523) Exercise Prescription, Referral & Rehabilitation
  • SPOR5270 (SS527) Exercise for Special Populations
  • SPOR5300 (SS530) Sport & Exercise Leadership
  • SPOR5330 (SS533) Applied Nutrition for Sports Performance
  • SPOR5340 (SS534) Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology 
  • SPOR5460 (SS546) Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • SPOR5550 (SS555) Principles of Sports Marketing
  • SPOR5560 (SS556) Sports Industry Placement
  • SPOR5580 (SS558) Soft Tissue Techniques
  • SPOR5600 (SS560) Clinical Practice
  • SPOR5640 (SS564) High Performance Physiology
  • SPOR5650 (SS565) Contemporary Issues in Sport and Exercise Nutrition
  • SPOR5660 (SS566) Research Study in Sport Sciences
  • SPOR5670 (SS567) Sport and Exercise Promotion
  • SPOR5690 (SS569) Sport & Exercise Psychology
  • SPOR5700 (SS570) Fitness Training Methods
  • SPOR5730 (SS573) Research Study Preparation
  • SPOR5740 (SS574) Human Resources Management in Sport
  • SPOR5750 (SS575) Research Methods
  • SPOR5760 (SS576) Specialised Issues in Sport and Exercise
  • SPOR5770 (SS577) Biomechanical Analysis
  • SPOR5780 (SS578) Event Management
  • SPOR5790 (SS579) Industry Placement
  • SPOR5800 (SS580) Principles of Rehabilitation
  • SPOR5810 (SS581) Therapeutic Modalities for Rehabilitators
  • SPOR5820 (SS582) Applied Rehabilitation
  • SPOR5830 (SS583) Psychology for Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation
  • SPOR5840 (SS584) Advances in Rehabilitation
  • SPOR5850 (SS585) Injury Prevention and Return to Play
  • SPOR5900 Industrial Placement Portfolio
  • SPOR5910 Industrial Placement Experience

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