Faculty of Sciences

School of Engineering and Digital Arts 2020-2021


Changes to Assessment Methods 2020/21



Postgraduate modules

  • DIGM8310 (EL831) Digital Visual Art set-up
  • DIGM8320 (EL832) Animation Principles
  • DIGM8330 (EL833) Visual Training
  • DIGM8370 (EL837) Professional Group Work
  • DIGM8380 (EL838) High Definition Video
  • DIGM8390 (EL839) Effects Animation
  • DIGM8440 (EL844) Image Analysis with Security Applications
  • DIGM8630 (EL863) Advanced 3D Modelling
  • DIGM8640 (EL864) Previsualisation
  • DIGM8650 (EL865) Action in Animation
  • DIGM8660 (EL866) Acting in Animation
  • DIGM8670 (EL867) Technical Direction
  • DIGM8680 (EL868) Digital Compositing
  • DIGM8690 (EL869) Film and Video Production


  • EENG8220 (EL822) Data Networks and the Internet
  • EENG8270 (EL827) Advanced Communication Theory
  • EENG8290 (EL829) Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems
  • EENG8460 (EL846) Industrial Context of Biometrics
  • EENG8490 (EL849) Research Methods & Project Design
  • EENG8570 (EL857) Biometric Technologies
  • EENG8580 (EL858) Advanced Pattern Recognition Techniques
  • EENG8700 (EL870) Masters Project
  • EENG8710 (EL871) Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • EENG8720 (EL872) Wireless Communications
  • EENG8730 (EL873) Advanced Networking Systems and Technology
  • EENG8740 (EL874) Computer and Reconfigurable Architectures
  • EENG8750 (EL875) Advanced Sensors and Instrumentation Systems
  • EENG8760 (EL876) Advanced Control System
  • EENG8770 (EL877) Strategic Analysis of Financial Systems
  • EENG8780 (EL878) Project Design
  • EENG8790 (EL879) Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing Models for Engineers
  • EENG8800 (EL880) HCI for Mobiles
  • EENG8810 (EL881) Android Application Design
  • EENG8820 (EL882) iPhone Application Design
  • EENG8830 (EL883) Mobile Web Development
  • EENG8840 (EL884) Mobile Application Design Project
  • EENG8850 (EL885) Research Methods and Project Design for Mobile Apps
  • EENG8900 (EL890) MSc Project
  • EENG8910 (EL891) RF System and Antenna Design
  • EENG8920 (EL892) Satellite and Optical Communications
  • EENG8930 (EL893) Reconfigurable Architectures
  • EENG8940 (EL894) Digital Integrated Circuit Design
  • EENG8960 (EL896) Computer and Microcontroller Architecture
  • EENG8970 (EL897) Analogue Integrated Circuit Design



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