Faculty of Sciences

Partner Colleges 2020-2021

Undergraduate modules

East Kent College Group


BSc (Hons) Animal Science (top up)/BSc (Hons) Animal Biology and Wildlife Conservation

  • BICC6580 (BI658) Conservation Genetics
  • BICC6590 (BI659) Conservation Research Project
  • BICC6600 (BI660) Animal Adaptations
  • BICC6610 (BI661) Animal Reproduction
  • BICC6620 (BI662) Anthrozoology
  • BICC6630 (BI663) Clinical Animal Behaviour
  • BICC6640 (BI664) Clinical Animal Science
  • BICC6650 (BI665) Conservation and Wildlife Heritage
  • BICC6660 (BI666) Pathology and Immunology
  • BICC6690 (BI669) Research Project

Mid-Kent College

Foundation Degree in Information Technology

  • COMP4000 (CO400) Introduction to Computer Architecture
  • COMP4010 (CO401) Programming for a Modern Graphic Environment
  • COMP4020 (CO402) Information Systems and Tools
  • COMP4040 (CO404) System Analysis and Design
  • COMP4050 (CO405) Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • COMP4070 (CO407) An Investigation of an Organisation and its IS Requirements
  • COMP7010 (CO701) Database Design and Development
  • COMP7020 (CO702) Networks
  • COMP7070 (CO707) IT Management
  • COMP7080 (CO708) Intranet Solution Project
  • COMP7090 (CO709) Applications for Mobile Devices
  • COMP7100 (CO710) Games for Mobile Devices
  • COMP7110 (CO711) Operating Systems and Intranet Implementation
  • COMP7120 (CO712) Multimedia and Web Programming

Foundation Degree in Engineering

  • ELM301 Science
  • ELM305 Personal Skills I in Engineering – Communication and Research
  • ELM308 Analytical Methods (Engineering)
  • ELM310 Further Analytical Methods for Engineers
  • ELM311 Industrial Applications II
  • ELM312 Industrial Applications III
  • ELM314 Project Management
  • ELM500 Engineering Design
  • ELM501 Personal Skills II in Engineering – Personal Development
  • ELM502 Management Techniques
  • ELM505 Manufacturing Design
  • ELM508 Quality Assurance & Management



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