Faculty of Sciences

Partner Colleges 2020-2021

HND/HNC modules

East Kent College Group

HND/HNC Applied Animal Science / HND/HNC Animal Biology and Wildlife Conservation

  • BICC3100 (BI310) Ethology
  • BICC3110 (BI311) Animal Husbandry
  • BICC3120 (BI312) Anatomy and Histology
  • BICC3130 (BI313) Animal Nursing
  • BICC3140 (BI314) Animal Health and Disease
  • BICC3150 (BI315) Principles of Cell Biology
  • BICC3160 (BI316) Animal Nutrition
  • BICC3170 (BI317) Applications of Animal Science
  • BICC3190 (BI319) Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation
  • BICC3300 (BI330) Surveying Wildlife for Conservation
  • BICC3310 (BI331) The Conservation of Global Biodiversity
  • BICC3320 (BI332) Conservation Research Project
  • BICC5230 (BI523) Vertebrate Physiology
  • BICC5240 (BI524) Introduction to Conservation
  • BICC5260 (BI526) Applied Animal Psychology
  • BICC5270 (BI527) Animal Welfare
  • BICC5280 (BI528) Principles of Microbiology
  • BICC5290 (BI529) Genetics and Animal Breeding
  • BICC5450 (BI545) Research Project

Mid-Kent College

HNC/HND in Information Technology

  • COMP4000 (CO400) Introduction to Computer Architecture
  • COMP4010 (CO401) Programming for a Modern Graphic Environment
  • COMP4020 (CO402) Information Systems and Tools
  • COMP4040 (CO404) System Analysis and Design
  • COMP4050 (CO405) Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • COMP7010 (CO701) Database Design and Development
  • COMP7070 (CO707) IT Management
  • COMP7120 (CO712) Multimedia and Web Programming





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