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Sciences Research Festival 2014

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12.30pm-6pm, Tuesday 13 May 2014
Grimond Lecture Theatre 1

The Research Festival will celebrate the research done in the Faculty of Sciences. It provides an opportunity to find out more about research in other Schools and campuses, to network with colleagues and to develop new interdisciplinary collaborations (on which research councils are placing increasing emphasis). The Festival is open to all staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students within the university; members of the public are welcome too.

The Festival will be opened by the Vice-Chancellor and closed by the incoming PVC for Research, Prof. Philippe de WIlde. The programme includes a keynote talk, lots of short talks and posters from faculty members. There will be a free buffet lunch before and a reception afterwards, allowing plenty of opportunity for networking. Colleagues from support services (Research Services, KIE, Graduate School) will be on hand to offer advice and answer questions.

Please register by mailing deaneryassistant@kent.ac.uk.


The Enigma of Dark Energy

Ofer Lahav
Perren Chair of Astronomy, University College London

Abstract: There is strong observational evidence that our Universe is flat and it consists of three main ingredients: ordinary matter, Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Dark Energy is probably the cause of the observed acceleration of the cosmic expansion. The lecture will review the chequered history of Dark Energy, the current observations and new surveys such as the "Dark Energy Survey”. We will also discuss alternative models, and the pros and cons of globalisation of Cosmology research.



Buffet Lunch


Welcome, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dame Julia Goodfellow; and Director of Research and Enterprise, Prof. Richard Jones


Paul Strange (SPS): Relativistic Quantum Mechanics for Economics and Toads and Present-Wrapping
Mareike Haberichter (SMSAS): Skyrmions and Nuclei
Scott Wildman (PHARM): Urinary System Physiology Unit: collaborations with the NHS informing clinical practice


Colin Johnson (COMP): Program execution as a thermodynamic process
Meryem Erbilek (EDA): Knowing me, knowing you: a new look at biometric identification
James Hopker (SSES): To die or not to die: a pilot study of pre-operative exercise training


Martin Warren (BIO): Synthetic biology and metabolic engineering
Emma McCabe (SPS): Mixed-anion systems: new materials for magnetic, electronic and optical applications
Benjamin Pageaux (SSES): Central and peripheral aspects of muscle fatigue


Dirk Froebrich (SPS): The Formation and Evolution of Stars and Stellar Clusters
Tara Ghafourian (PHARM): Chemoinformatics Methods for the Estimation of Drug Properties
Jim Griffin (SMSAS): Bayesian variable with many variables


Phil Ward: Eastern Academic Research Consortium (Eastern ARC)
Dylan Edwards (Chair of Cancer Studies, UEA): Metalloproteinases in cancer progression and therapy




Keynote: Prof. Ofer Lahav (University College London)


Samuele Marcora (SSES): London to Beijing by motorbike: a scientific expedition
Caroline Li (COMP): Understanding Brain: A Data Science Practice
Steve Moser (EDA): Current research in the Instrumentation, Control, and Embedded Systems Group


Scott Owens (COMP): Knowing what a computer program really does
Steffi Frank (BIO): Bacterial microcompartments in a synthetic biological world
Pradip Tapadar (SMSAS): Long-term Prognosis of UK Defined Benefit Pension Sector


Mark Shepherd (BIO): From Bacterial Physiology to Synthetic Biology
Lynsey Atkinson (PHARM): What makes us tick? - Unravelling our inner time-keeping
Christos Efstratiou (EDA): Social sensing: Using mobile technologies to capture social behaviour


Wrap-up, Prof. Philippe de Wilde, PVC-elect for Research






School of Biosciences

Warren group
Robinson group
Smales group

School of Computing

Dan Chivers
Flavio Lisboa

School of Engineeting and Digital Arts

Chao Wang,
Harshal Oza,
Richard Guest,
Jim Ang

School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science

Jenny Ashcroft,
Natoya Jourdain,
Jun Yang

School of Pharmacy

Danielle Newby,
Filip Kunc,
Stuart Mather
Yuri Ushkaryov,
Charlotte Mallon

School of Physical Sciences

Greg Smith
Michael Smith

School of Sport and Exercise Science

Karen Hambly: Exercise participation in people with antiphospholipid syndrome: associations with exercise self-efficacy and illness perception
Samantha Winter: Detection of long-range dependence in peak ground reaction forces during running using Detrended Fluctuation Analysis and ARFIMA modelling
Luca Angius: Transcranial current direct stimulation reduces cold pain perception but not acute muscle pain


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