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Each year, the University provides an investment fund to the Faculty to be spent on research activities.


Dear colleagues,

Our £40,000 investment fund will be used to support the University’s research strategy. In summary, this seeks to increase the proportion of REF 4* outputs, increase the number of international authors and visitors, and double research income. This year, unlike previous years, funding will be awarded in two tranches, and applications will be considered with applications for Internationalisation funding.

  1. Tranche 1 - closing date 20th January 2017
  2. Tranche 2 - closing date 17th March 2017

In addition a reserve fund of £5000 is available on demand at the discretion of the Associate Dean for urgent bids.

Criteria: The Faculty fund can be used to develop your research over the next few years. For example, you may need support to complete some work to make a really great paper (with a chance of being 4*), to perform preliminary experiments to support a new grant application, to host a workshop or expert visitors, or to grow your international reputation in some way. Note that it is unlikely that applications simply to attend a conference will be funded. Funding applications are open to both lecturers, etc and post-docs. Applications from early career researchers are particularly welcomed, but please note, that unfortunately, PhD students are not eligible to apply for funding from this stream.

Amount: This is up to you. £500, a few thousand… but it is highly unlikely that a single bid will win it all (on that sort of scale you need School or external funding).
All funds awarded must be spent by the 31st July 2017, the end of the UoK Financial Year. Please note also, that goods/services purchased must also be delivered/undertaken by this date. The funding cannot be carried forward to the next financial year, and cannot be used to buy goods/services for the next financial year. You will be required to submit a final report explaining the outcomes of this investment.

How to bid: Bidding will operate in two steps.

Step 1. Complete the application form and send it to your School's Director of Research (DoR). Remember that the panel is a set of scientists from different disciplines so explain your research in terms that they will understand. You should explain why you need Faculty support and why other funds are not available. Explain exactly what outcomes you hope for from the use of Faculty funds; we will want to judge later whether these have been met. Avoid vague and generic statements (e.g. “an in a high-quality publication”). You must give detailed breakdowns of the costs (even if these are only estimates). Include a timeline for the spend and activity.
Submit this to your DoR at least one week before the Faculty deadline.

Step 2. Each School DoR will complete a single accompanying statement of support, commenting on all the applications from their school. It is essential that this statement explains the value of each proposal to the School and (where appropriate) the discipline specific context. 

The School DoR should submit their School's applications and the accompanying statement of support to J.L.Walpole@kent.ac.uk (the Dean’s PA) by email by 5 pm on the closing date. Please ensure that the application attachments when sent by email are given the title Research_school_name of applicant.

Judges: Associate Dean (Research and Innovation), Faculty Director of Internationalisation, a School DoR, and the Research Funding Officers will assess. If necessary other parties may be added to the group. We expect to be over-subscribed and may not be able to fund every good proposal.


Best wishes
Dr Dan Mulvihill
Associate Dean (Research and Innovation)

January 2017

Updated April 2017


Application Form

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