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Welcome to the Industrial Biotechnology Centre at Kent.

In January 2016 the Centre for Molecular Processing (CMP) changed its name to the Industrial Biotechnology Centre (IBC).


Molecular Processing encompasses the mechanisms and cellular requirements that influence disease states, cellular processes and the synthesis of therapeutic agents and biomedicines from biological systems (e.g. bacterial, yeast, mammalian systems). Kent has a long and successful history of research in these areas. The Centre builds upon Kent strengths in Molecular Processing by integrating and linking the expertise and know-how at Kent to address molecular processing research in areas that cannot be addressed by traditional departments or groups alone. The cross-disciplinary nature of the Centre facilitates the coordinated integration of the appropriate skill sets, expertise and knowledge across the Science Faculty at the interface between biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematical science, computing science and pharmacy to address cross disciplinary science at both the basic and industrially applied level.


International conference on Bio Science and Biotechnology

The Industrial Biotechnology Centre would like to highlight the second international conference on Bio Science and Biotechnology on 9th-10th March 2017 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.



BioProNet and Metals in Biology: The elements of Biotechnology and Bioenergy - bioscience networks to benefit UK economy

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) has funded 13 unique collaborative Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (BBSRC NIBB) to boost interaction between the academic research base and industry, promoting the translation of research into benefits for the UK.

Professor Mark Smales and Professor Martin Warren of the University’s School of Biosciences and the Industrial Biotechnlogy Centre will each be directors of one of the networks, which pool skills from academia and business to develop research projects with the potential to overcome major challenges in the industrial biotechnology and bioenergy arena. The networks will drive new ideas to harness the potential of biological resources for producing and processing materials, biopharmaceuticals, chemicals and energy.



The Resistant Cancer Cell Line (RCCL) collection

A collection of drug-resistant cancer cell lines from different cancer entities have been established and further details of the cell lines can be found here.



Biotechnology and Bioengineering MSc

The Centre for Molecular Processing is now running a new interdisciplinary MSc programme focused on providing advanced academic training in the cellular and molecular processes that relate to the production of biomedicines for use in healthcare. This is coupled with rigorous practical training in the design, production and characterisation of biomolecules using state-of-the-art biotechnological and bioengineering analytical and molecular technologies.

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