The Centre for Philanthropy

Our Research Interests

  1. We strive to understand why individuals and institutions choose to voluntarily give their money and time to promote the public benefit.
  2. We explore the context of giving decisions, recognising that philanthropy is not just a private impulse but is also an embedded aspect of shared social life.
  3. We seek to document and understand the similarities and differences between major donors and the donor population as a whole.
  4. Our work enables us to better understand the link between the giving of money and the giving of time, by examining the relationship between the two.
  5. We are working to chart philanthropic journeys by exploring the ways in which individuals make their first donation of money or time and how their giving develops – or stalls - as a result.
  6. All of our work aims to create impact by influencing practitioners (notably fundraisers, chief executives and trustees), those shaping public policy (notably politicians and civil servants) and those shaping public opinion (notably the media).
  7. Our research drives our teaching, which aims to give students a better understanding of the nature, scale and scope of the charity sector.


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