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Urban Ethnography in Paris

8 March 2018

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Our SSPSSR UG Summer School in Urban Ethnography provides undergraduates with experience of urban ethnography and exposes them to the principles and methods of ethnography in the study of people, place, practices and things in the urban setting of Paris. It involves doing ethnography in the city and of the city and gives participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in 'natural' social environments and learn to tune into what is going on around them, making the strange familiar and the familiar strange.

This year's Summer School, taking place 8-15 July, will be highly interactive and combines lecture time and in class discussion, formal visits and walks, and informal exploration. Dawn Lyon, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, convenor of the Summer School and part of the teaching team, says "This is a great opportunity to get a first-hand experience of doing ethnography. Students will explore concepts and theories through observations of social, cultural, economic, affective and material life in a diverse and vibrant urban context".

The Summer School is open to SSPSSR UG students (for whom it is subsidised when taken as a 15 credit module) and to external participants from Kent and beyond.

International study enables students to gain a deeper understanding of another culture, make potentially lifelong friends from a wide variety of backgrounds and benefit from globally renowned academic excellence.

See full details on the Summer Schools web pages.

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