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Religion and the Global City

19 July 2017

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In their new book, Religion and the Global City, David Garbin (SSPSSR) and Anna Strhan (SECL) explore how religious movements and actors shape and are shaped by aspects of global city dynamics.

Dr Garbin and Dr Strhan bring together a wealth of ethnographically rich and vivid case studies in a diversity of urban settings. These case studies are drawn from both ‘classical’ global cities and large cosmopolitan metropolises which all constitute, in their own terms, powerful sites within the informational, cultural and moral networked economies of contemporary globalization.

The chapters explore some of the most pressing issues of our times: globalization and the role of global neo-liberal regimes; urban change and in particular the dramatic urbanization of Global South countries; and religious politics and religious revivalism associated, for instance, with transnational Islam or global Pentecostal/Charismatic Christianity.

David said “This is the first book of its kind to provide a multidisciplinary understanding of how globalization and urbanisation are shaping the contemporary religious landscape of a wide range of cities around the world today, in both Global North and Global South contexts."

  • You can read reviews of the book on the publisher's website
  • David Garbin is Senior Lecturer in Sociology in the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research
  • Anna Strhan is Lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Kent



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