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Mar 7
16:00 - 17:30
Today's Urban Development is Tomorrow's Ruin: A Sociology of Liverpool One
SSPSSR Staff and Postgraduate Research Seminars
Paul Jones, University of Liverpool

Sites of 'failing' urban capitalist activity often become the very same experimental terrains on which new speculative forms of such activity are embedded. Architecture's status as fixed capital is key therein, and Liverpool One illustrates this point. Opened in 2008, it is a mixed-use development occupying 500,000 m sq of centrally-located urban space, controlled by a major landowner on a 250-year lease. As a speculative, entrepreneurial project through which past economic crises are offset - albeit for many hundreds of years - and deployed for justificatory ends, Liverpool One both: i) owes much to the active architectural construction of past crises of capital and investment; and ii) bears hallmarks of a spatio-temporal fix developed in response.

Chair:  David Nettleingham

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Seminar Room 2,
Cornwallis East
United Kingdom


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