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Sep 29
16:00 - 18:00
Sensory explorations of the social
SSPSSR Staff and Postgraduate Research Seminars
David Garbin, Dawn Lyons, David Redmon and Mike Poltorak

Colleagues from Anthropology and SSPSSR's Visual and sensory research cluster show some of our film-based work and open up discussion of/reaction to what visual and sensory ethnography can do.

David Garbin will be screening 'This is how we see you', a film made in collaboration with young Congolese activists and interrogating colonial representations, visuality and materiality, based on a field trip to the RMCA museum in Brussels as part of the project 'Memory Matters'.

Dawn Lyon will present extracts from two films intended both as a both as a medium of inquiry and a mode of creative representation. The first is based on a montage of sound and time-lapse photography from Billingsgate fish market. The second is an immersive ethnography of a Sardinian fish market.

Mike Poltorak will show clips from his latest ethnographic documentary Five Ways In, which uses video to create a person and process oriented visual statement of contemporary contact improvisation, a touch and improvisation based dance or movement practice.

David Redmon will show the development of GIRL MODEL with deleted clips, followed by the first 8 minutes of the movie.

Chair:  Tim Strangleman

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Grimond Lecture Theatre 2
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