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'Visiting Elliot'

Elliot and Trevor

Launched in November 2014, ‘Visiting Elliot’ is for all agencies involved in the supervision and management of offenders and is a key training tool for assessing risk.

Based on a partnership between University of Kent, Kent Police and Kent Probation Service ‘Visiting Elliot’ is a home visit to a sex offender just released on licence.  It provides opportunity to identify and then analyse risk factors in Elliot’s life.  Official documents are studied during the simulation and it can be used individually or discussed  in groups. At the end of the session, detailed answers are provided to promote reflective learning. Contact us to discuss training.

More information on our recent launch including the programme, photographs and presentations is now available to view.

Download the leaflet with details on our 'Visiting Elliot' simulation:

Partners involved in 'Visiting Elliot'

Kent Police, University of Kent, Kent County Council, Kent Probabtion




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