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Respiratory Clinic

University of Kent School of Sport and Exercise Sciences provides a specialist Respiratory Clinic focusing on respiratory problems in athletes and regular exercisers.

Why is respiratory disease and dysfunctional breathing an issue with athletes?

• Over 20% of the athletes involved with Great British Olympic Team have exercise induced asthma
• A number of athletes with exercise induced asthma go undiagnosed as they fail to report symptoms
• Diagnosis significantly improves athletic performance and health
• Respiratory symptoms experienced during exercise may not related to asthma


Respiratory Brochure

Dr. John Dickinson has been leading the testing of Britain’s elite athletes since 2003. His experience includes testing over 1,000 elite athletes, spanning all Olympic and many professional sports, such as rugby and Premier League football as well as celebrities for Sport Relief.

The Respiratory Clinic conducts research and consultancy around the prevalence, diagnosis and treatment of exercise induced asthma (EIA) and dysfunctional breathing problems during exercise.

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