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The High Performance Sports Clinic

Athletes train to get as close as possible to a perfect performance. Always striving to get an edge on their opponent and shave times of their personal best. The High Performance Sports Clinic can help athletes achieve their performance goals.

At the High Performance Sports Clinic we support athletes using an athlete centred multi-disciplinary approach. The University of Kent High Performance Sports Clinic can offer a range of specialist help to athletes and teams. Our staff have extensive experience working with elite sport and know exactly what it takes to support an athlete to very top of their game.

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We can offer services that include: Physiological assessments of performance, Nutritional Analysis and Planning, Sports Psychology, Biomechanical assessments, Acclimatisation training for any environment and Specialist training to offset mental fatigue.

Our initial consultation is free and you can choose to use as little or as much of our services as you choose.  We offer a range of different services. We also offer bespoke services so please get in touch if you have an interest in finding out how we can help you. Email for information and booking.

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Last Updated: 04/02/2016