At our Performance Clinic we offer specialist support tailored to your needs and goals, whether you are an elite athlete or just starting out.

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High-quality research undertaken in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences feeds into the work of the Performance Clinic, which means our advice and support reflects the latest developments in the field.

Our staff have extensive experience working with elite athletes and know exactly what it takes for an athlete to stay at the very top of their game. We take an athlete-centred approach and can create bespoke programmes for individuals and teams.

Our services include: physiological assessments of performance, nutritional analysis and planning, sports psychology, biomechanical assessments, acclimatisation training for any environment, and specialist training to offset mental fatigue.

We can also support you if you are returning to sport, want to assess your current fitness levels or get advice on how to improve your fitness in a safe way.

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Valerie Place

The heat chamber helped me prepare for my biggest race so far. While others collapsed, I felt fine at the finish!

Valerie Place World Ironman Championship 2017 competitor


Your initial consultation is free. We offer a range of different services, including bespoke programmes, so you can be sure the treatment you receive is right for you.

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VO2max is a measure of aerobic capacity (eg maximal aerobic fitness). Most commonly used for cyclists or runners, the test usually takes place on a cycle ergometer or a treadmill but can be accommodated on other devices or exercise modes.

The test begins with a light warm-up (5-10 minute) before the incremental test begins. The test becomes gradually harder (eg power output or treadmill speed increases) over time. The athlete continues for as long as they can (usually between 8-15 minutes) so that the maximal rate at which they consume oxygen (VO2max) can be measured. The athlete has to wear a small, lightweight face mask or mouthpiece during the test.

£50 £25

This test allows the determination of lactate thresholds, which can be used to optimise training by identify training zones. It is also very sensitive to training and is an excellent tool to predict performance and/or monitor training improvement.

£80 £40

Strenuous training can temporarily disturb the immune system and cause athletes to be at increased risk of illnesses such as coughs and colds. Although trivial in nature, such infections can affect training and/or competition performance.

We collect a small saliva sample which tells us how strong your defences against this type of infection are. First, we establish your normal range (measured during a relatively restful period), which we then use as a comparison when measuring your response to different types of exercise or at particular times, for example when your training load is increased. You can use this information to better periodise your training so as to limit immune disturbance and infection risk during important times.

£60 £30

See Immune function monitoring and VO2max test details above.

£100 £50

These tests can be conducted on a specialised cycle ergometer or sprint treadmill. They are an excellent way to measure peak anaerobic power and anaerobic capacity. They can also be used to measure repeated sprint performance and short-term recovery from high-intensity work, which can be particularly useful for team sport athletes.

£40 £20

We use a specialised isokinetic dynamometer to measure maximal force (strength) and power of specific muscles or muscle groups. This is also a great tool to compare one side to the other in order to check for imbalances, or to compare the relative strength between opposing muscle groups (eg quadriceps vs hamstrings), as imbalances may predispose some athletes to certain types of injury.

£80 £40

Nutrition consultations help you to to see where you can make improvements to your diet to better your performance. In a one-to-one consultation, we discuss your health, lifestyle, eating habits and goals along with your current training levels and performance aims. This allows us to determine your individual nutritional requirements based on your daily activity levels and training needs. A full computerised analysis of your diet is provided including your consumption of calories (total energy intake), carbohydrate, protein, fat, and also micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and fluid. From here, we can identify areas where your diet is lacking (or already optimal) and make recommendations to meet your nutritional requirements. Sport-specific nutritional advice can be given.

£80 £40

A sport psychology consultation offers a range of mental skills and strategies (for team and individual sports) to improve performance. Our 1-1 sessions provide effective mental skills training for all levels of sports performers. In the consultation, we explore current issues, develop an understanding of any problems and discuss ways to combat and overcome them.

£80 £40

Force platforms have a wide range of applications, including automobile crash tests, clinical gait analysis, and sports technique analysis. It involves the subject jumping in the air and landing back on the mat. Subjects typically perform 10 landing trials on to a force platform at each height, peak-force magnitude and time to peak force magnitude is measured.

£80 £40

How we perform or respond to exercise is greatly affected by the environment in which the exercise takes place. Our environmental chamber can simulate extreme temperatures (between -25°C to +55°C) and altitude (up to 7,000 m). It can be used to help an athlete acclimatise before they travel to a new location or to simulate training at altitude

£90 £45

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There are sometimes opportunities for you to take part in one of our research studies, giving you the chance to be assessed and tested for free, provided you meet the specific criteria of the study. To find out what studies we have going on at the moment, please look at our news updates.


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