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Two people running along a path with the sun in the background creating silhouettes

Let's Play

The Let's Play programme

Open to all students and staff

We offer an array of fun, relaxed, social sporting activities. These non-competitive, turn-up-and-play recreational sessions are ideal for students and staff who want to try new activities, meet new people and maintain a healthy lifestyle regardless of ability or age. 

A Sports Development staff member will welcome you and join in, so don't be put off that you can't turn up to the session on your own. 

All equipment will be provided so you just need yourself in comfortable and appropriate footwear and clothing.

Sessions are free for Kent Sport Premium Plus and Premium members, or pay just £2 per person per session for Kent Sport Plus and Pay to Play membership.

Online booking is essential for all Let's Play sessions.

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Let's Play sessions

Travel to Tokyo

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo have been postponed to July 24 2021. To keep the spirit of the Olympics alive, we’re asking you to help us achieve our goal of travelling from Canterbury to Tokyo, 8000 miles, virtually. Whether you walk, cycle or run, join this active community and contribute to the virtual journey from the University of Kent, Canterbury Campus to the New National Stadium in Tokyo.  

Session booking

All sessions must be booked online. Select 'classes' and then 'activity' and then the session you want to attend in the dropdown box. If you cannot attend a session, please cancel the session in your Account History.

Sessions are free for Kent Sport Premium Plus and Premium members. A minimum of Kent Sport Pay to Play membership is required to take part with each session costing just £2. Please ensure you bring your ticket to the session.

Contact Let's Play

If you have any questions about the Let's Play programme, contact sportsdevelopment@kent.ac.uk

Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels.

Campus routes

We've put together some great routes of varying length across the Canterbury campus, including orienteering, so you can get out and explore more of our beautiful surroundings. The map links below will help you plan your next walk, run or cycle.

Campus routes sponsored by HR GO Recruitment and Sporting Events UK

Campus route videos

1 Mile Route

2km Route

3km Route

Safety Guidance – campus routes

To use our Canterbury campus run routes safely we advise you to:

  • Download the University of Kent ‘Safe Zone’ app so you have instant access to help and medical assistance from campus security in an emergency.
  • Carry your mobile phone with you on your run and enable access In Case of an Emergency (ICE contact).
  • Wear suitable footwear and clothing for the activity.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and the terrain you are running on.
  • NOT use headphones whilst running, as this can impede awareness of your surroundings and the people / vehicles around you.
  • Remain vigilant on the pathways which are currently joint use for pedestrians and cycles/scooters due to the current Covid19 ‘social distancing’ Government guidelines in place.
  • Follow the route markers to ensure you are using the designated route and identified pedestrian road crossing points.
  • When using the light controlled pelican crossing wait for the ‘steady’ green person to light up, check the traffic has stopped and begin to cross the road.
  • If the green person is ‘flashing’ when you arrive at the crossing you should NOT cross, instead push the button and wait for the next cycle. 
  • When using raised pedestrian crossings (O grade cross walks) – stop and look both ways to ensure it is safe from approaching vehicles to cross, continue looking both ways whilst crossing (Highway code – section 18).
  • Always cross the road on identified pedestrian crossings between the studs or over the zebra crossing markings.