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Alumni and public membership

All University of Kent alumni and members of the public are welcome to become members of Kent Sport and have access to all the modern sport and fitness facilities across the Canterbury campus.

Annual University of Kent alumni and public membership prices

  • star

    Premium Plus

    £384 alumni annual

    £495 adult annual

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    All-inclusive membership combining the benefits of Premium and Plus.  

  • dumbbell


    £353 alumni annual

    £464 adult annual

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    Unlimited gym and fitness and dance class membership with five-day advance booking.  

  • bicycle2


    £251 alumni annual

    £323 adult annual

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    Sports-only membership including recreational sport bookings and activities.   

  • coin-pound

    Pay to Play

    £6.50 per session

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    Pay-per-session membership that gives you the flexibility to play at your own pace.

    There is no annual joining fee.

How to join

You can purchase your membership online or at the Sports Centre and The Pavilion receptions.      

Kent Sport facility tours

If you, or someone you know, is interested in a tour of our facilities, please complete the membership form (PDF, 100kb) and email to We will then contact you about pre-booking an appointment. 

Any questions?

Call us: 01227 823 623

Parking on campus

Kent Sport Public members will need to pay to park on the Canterbury campus. Discounted parking rates are available, and you can quickly and easily apply online.

Parking is free for Kent Sports Clinic patients.