Professor Louis Passfield

Honorary Professor
Professor Louis Passfield


I started at Kent in 2007 as Head of School and held this role until last year. Prior to taking on this role I worked with British Cycling as their sports scientist leading their preparation for the Beijing Olympics. In the past I've also been sports scientist for the Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996 British Olympic Cycling teams.

Research interests

A significant part of my research has focused on different aspects of Cycling.

Key themes of this work include data modelling, training and performance. I've also worked extensively as an applied scientist and therefore I've a particular interest in mentoring and developing excellence in practitioners, especially those working in sport.

I'm excited by conducting research that may help change the way we understand the process of training. In particular, looking at how we can use data from wearables, GPS devices and other instruments to help optimise an individual's training process. In addition, I'm exploring how people train, and how people learn, and whether there are important links between these. The above is likely an exercise in complexity science and therefore I'm also very interested helping people better understand the implications of this in their work.


I lead the Professional Doctorate programme which is designed for practitioners in sport and exercise who want to develop themselves and their professional practice.

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