Immersive Reader

Improve the readibility of documents


Immersive reader is a very useful application to use alongside the Officed 365 applications to help improve the readability of documents. You are able to change and adapt the document to focus on your needs and improve your reading. This includes altering font size and style, changing the background colour of the document, and altering the spacing of words and sentences. Immersive Reader also includes text-to-speech to read aloud the documents. You are able to customise the voice used and the play back speed. You can also have the current word being spoken highlighted to help re-enforce comprehension. Immersive reader also provides help for reading in different languages by identifying nouns, verbs and adjectives within sentences and providing dictionary support for definitions. It is available and beneficial for all ages and abilities.

Tips for using this tool at Kent

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Immersive reader is free to use through your '' email account. As it is a web app you do not need to install anything and can be used on any device which you can access your email account on.

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Office 365 can be used for personal and professional use as long as you're a member of the University