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EQUIP 2015-16
The EQUIP project 2013-14 officially concluded in September 2014, with a final report due in June 2015. EQUIP 2015 is continuing to develop resources for assessment enhancement. For more information on assessment in Social Sciences, visit the Assessment Profile.

EQUIP Contacts:

Alison Dean (Lead)
Judy Cohen (Co-ordinator)
William Collier (Economics)

The Evidence-informed quality improvement programme (EQUIP) is the latest change programme from the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and aims to help higher education providers take an evidence-informed approach to quality enhancement.

The University of Kent’s Institutional Strategic Plan (2012-15) and the Social Sciences Faculty Plan (2013) highlights the need for sustainable assessment alongside an excellent student experience. The National Student Survey (NSS) echoes these needs and identifies assessment and feedback as the leading student concern across HEIs.

The EQUIP programme is designed to enable the Faculty of Social Sciences to explore the various challenges which Academic Schools in the Faculty confront and to use this evidence to develop a framework for assessment and feedback practices which will ensure consistency and quality in learning and teaching, and the enhancement of the student learning experience.

The EQUIP project intends to:

  • establish a collaboration across participating Schools and student representatives
  • expand the implementation of our assessment reflection process within the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • engage staff and students in the analysis and interpretation of the collected evidence
  • develop a Faculty Assessment Profile in accordance with the University of Kent’s Institutional Strategic Plan (2012-15) and Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy (2012-2015)
  • establish a mechanism to disseminate and embed the Faculty Assessment Profile in existing QA/QE processes in Schools

Benefits to students include:

  • increased transparency of School assessment practices
  • improved quality of contact hours through guiding feedback / feed forward practices
  • greater engagement of students in Schools’ own assessment reflection processes in the future


Contact hsugo@kent.ac.uk for undergraduate administration, fso@kent.ac.uk for Faculty matters & student appeals.

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Last Updated: 17/04/2015