Portrait of Eva Dogg Sigurdardottir

Eva Dogg Sigurdardottir

PhD Candidate
Graduate Teaching Assistant


Supervisors: Professor Miri Song and Dr Tina Haux
Eva graduated in 2015 with a BA in Social Work from the University of Iceland, with an average of 8.8. During Eva's studies in Iceland she was a Teaching Assistant on quantitative methods courses, and for her dissertation Eva conducted a quantitative research on reports to child protection services by preschool teachers. 

In 2016, Eva completed her MA in Methods of Social Research from the University of Kent, achieving a distinction. For her MA dissertation, Eva conducted her own quantitative research on the relationship between sense of belonging in an extra-curricular activity and school belonging, amongst children in their last 2 years of compulsory education. 

Also in 2016, Eva was awarded the Quantitative Social Science PhD Scholarship from the University of Kent to complete her PhD. Her research is also partially funded by the Development Fund of Immigrant Affairs, awarded by the Minister of Social Affairs and Equality in Iceland.

Research interests

Eva's PhD, “Children of a foreign background: Aspirations after compulsory education”, focuses on children in their last three years of compulsory education in Iceland. It is based on her MA dissertation that explored school belongingness, and compared students of Icelandic and foreign background in Iceland.

This research is a mixed method study, using both quantitative and qualitative data, and consists of self-completion questionnaires with closed questions, given to students in class, and face-to-face half-open interviews


Eva teaches, or has taught, on undergraduate modules covering critical thinking, the power and limits of causal analysis, social research methods, qualitative social research methods and doing social research with numbers.

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