Professor Roger Matthews

Professor of Criminology
Director of Studies, MA in Criminology


Professor Matthews completed his PhD at the University of Essex, his MA in Sociology/Criminology at the University of Sussex and a BA (Hons) in Social Science at Middlesex University.

From 1977 to 1990, Professor Matthews was a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Middlesex University. He worked as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Leicester from 1990 to 1993 and a Reader and Professor of Criminology at Middlesex University between 1993 and 2004. Before joining SSPSSR, he was a Professor of Criminology at London South Bank University from 2004 to 2011. 

Research interests

Professor Matthews’ main research interests centre around issues of crime and punishment with a particular focus on crime prevention and community safety on one hand and prisons and penal policy on the other. He has conducted research on armed robbery, shoplifting, the use of CCTV cameras, disorder and anti-social behaviour. In relation to punishment, he has conducted research on diversion from custody, developing alternatives to prison and evaluating the use of community based sanctions. In addition he has conducted research on prostitution and sex trafficking involving comparative studies across Europe and more detailed studies in the UK. 

At the moment Professor Matthews is involved in five research projects: 

  • An examination of women exiting prostitution, undertaken in collaboration with Eaves Housing for Women and funded by the National Lottery. The aim of this project is to examine and understand the process of desistance and the process of leaving prostitution. 
  • An evaluation of a community-based alternative to custody for women in Glasgow, funded by the Scottish Office. This project involves an examination of the effectiveness in providing a community-based form of support for women offenders.
  • An examination of approbation centered diversion programme for women in the Belfast area, funded by the Northern Ireland Office. 
  • An examination of the dynamics of sex trafficking in Scotland, funded by the EHRC, based on interviews with victims and practitioners. 
  • A strategic review of prostitution policy and practice in Glasgow over the last decade, funded by Glasgow City Council, based on extensive research with women involved in indoor and street prostitution, practitioners and policy makers. 


Professor Matthews teaches criminology, crime prevention and community safety at postgraduate level.


Please contact Professor Matthews if you have a proposal in his areas of interest.



  • Member of the British Society of Criminology
  • Member of the American Society of Criminology
  • Founding member of the Latin American Society on Penal Law and Criminology (ALPEC).


  • Member of the international advisory board of the journal Theoretical Criminology.  
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