Portrait of Nicole Brown

Nicole Brown

PhD student, School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research
Lecturer in Education, UCL
Academic Head of Learning and Teaching, UCL


Supervisors: Iain Wilkinson, Jennifer Leigh

Research is often where 'things are done to others'. To Nicole, creative, sensory and visual research aligns with the idea that participants are partners in co-creating and generating new knowledge, rather than seeing research participants as providers whose knowledge can be harvested. In her work she tries to explore these areas so that she can find ways to provide those with quieter voices with means and tools to explore the unexplored, to express the un-expressable, to give voice to the unheard and to empower the minorities. Nicole aims to level the field of research through offering a range of alternative, creative or innovative modes of expressions, including objects, materiality, metaphors and representations, for example in the form of identity boxes. Nicole's research currently focuses on reflective practice, reflexivity and the construction of identity.

See Nicole's profile on UCL's website for further information.

Research interests

Academic identity: how does fibromyalgia shape academic identity?


Teaching at Postgraduate Level

  • Professional Development Portfolio
  • Understanding Teaching
  • Leading Learning
  • Research and Professional Practice
  • Practice-Based Enquiry

Teaching at Undergraduate Level

  • Literacy, Language and Communication
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