Everything you need to know about Socrates

The academic society for SSPSSR students

We caught up with the President of Socrates, Sarah Saeed, to learn more about the student society for SSPSSR students

What is Socrates and who is it for?

Socrates is an academic society for students studying modules or degree courses at the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research (SSPSSR).

Are you on social media?

Yes, you’ll find us on Instagram: @socrates_sspssr

What’s planned for the upcoming term?

So far we’ve planned a Halloween movie night on Monday 25 October. We don’t yet have any more events planned but more on this to come later on!

So who’s running Socrates?

So far it is only me and Isabel, but we are getting more committee members as we speak so watch this space!

  • President: Sarah Saeed, Sociology and Social Policy with a Year in Data Analytics – Fun Fact: “In my spare time, I like to journal and write letters to my penpals. I currently have 16 penpals all over the world”
  • Vice President: Isabel Fernández, Cultural Studies and Media and Journalism – Fun Fact: “Absolutely terrified of rocking chairs.”

Can you give us five good reasons to get involved with Socrates: 

  • It’s a completely FREE society to join
  • You get to meet like-minded people who are on your course and studying the same (or similar) thing as you
  • You get Employability Points – joining an academic society gives you Employability Points!
  • We provide essay help
  • We discuss really interesting topics that could then be used in your own classes. We hope to host a debate night at some point this term!

OK, I’m in. Where do I sign?

Just follow us on Instagram or visit the Kent Union website and select ‘join’.

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