[P1] Maxwell-CP(2) vortices in the presence of magnetic impurities
(with Eduardo da Hora)

Papers in Refereed Journals

[J21] Vortices and magnetic impurities
(with Jennifer Ashcroft)
Physical Review D101, 025004, 2020.
[J20] The BPS sectors of the Skyrme model and their non-BPS extensions
(with Christoph Adam, David Foster, and Andrzej Wereszczynski)
Physical Review D 97, 036002, 2018.
[J19] Dynamics of vortices with magnetic impurities
(with Alexander Cockburn and Abera A Muhamed)
Journal of Mathematical Physics 58, 063509, 2017.
[J18] Moduli Spaces of Lumps on Real Projective Space
(with Abera Muhamed)
Journal of Mathematical Physics 56, 082901, 2015.
[J17] Scattering of Skyrmions
(with David Foster)
Nuclear Physics B 897, 697-716, 2015 (free access until August 8, 2015).
[J16] Baby Skyrme models without a potential term
(with Jennifer Ashcroft and Mareike Haberichter)
Physical Review D 91, 105032, 2015.
[J15] Classically Isospinning Skyrmion Solutions
(with Richard Battye and Mareike Haberichter)
Physical Review D 90, 125035, 2014.
[J14] Negative Baryon density and the Folding structure of the B=3 Skyrmion
(with David Foster)
Journal of Physics A: Math. Theor. 46, 265401, 2013.
[J13] Quantum lump dynamics on the two-sphere
(with Martin Speight)
Communications in Mathematical Physics 322, 95-126, 2013.
[J12] Dynamics of multi-kinks in the presence of wells and barriers
(with Stephen W. Goatham, Lucy E. Mannering and Rebecca Hann)
Acta Physica Polonica B 42, 2087-2106, 2011.
[J11] Exact moduli space metrics for hyperbolic vortices
(with Martin Speight)
Journal of Mathematical Physics, 51, 022304-022316, 2010.
[J10] Fermions, Skyrmions and the 3-Sphere
(with Stephen W. Goatham)
Journal of Physics A: Math. Theor. 43, 035402-035419, 2010.
[J9] Schrödinger-Chern-Simons Vortex Dynamics
(with Paul Sutcliffe)
Nonlinearity, 19, 1515-1534, 2006.
[J8] Finkelstein-Rubinstein constraints for the Skyrme model with pion masses
Proceedings of the Royal Society A, 462, 2001-2016, 2006.
[J7] Spinning Skyrmions and the Skyrme parameters
(with Richard Battye and Paul Sutcliffe)
Physics Letters B, 626, 120-126, 2005.
[J6] Fermionic quantization of Hopf solitons
(with Martin Speight)
Communications in Mathematical Physics, 264, 391-410, 2006.
[J5] Sphalerons in the Skyrme Model
(with Paul Sutcliffe)
Journal of Physics A: Math. Gen. 37, 9037-9050, 2004, Report UKC/IMS/04/40.
[J4] Fermions coupled to Skyrmions on S3
Journal of Physics A: Math. Gen. 36, 8141-8163, 2003, Leeds 2002-24.
[J3] Homotopy of Rational Maps and the Quantization of Skyrmions
Annals of Physics, 304, 103-127, 2003, Leeds 2002-13.
[J2] Folding in the Skyrme Model
(with Conor Houghton)
Journal of Mathematical Physics, 42, 4079-4100, 2001 DAMTP-2001-34.
[J1] S 3 Skyrmions and the Rational Map Ansatz
Nonlinearity, 13, 2163-2185, 2000, DAMTP-2000-54.

Book chapters

[BC1] Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics
(with Andy Hone)
Analysis and Mathematical Physics, LTCC Advanced Mathematics Series, Volume 6, World Scientific, 2016.

Papers in Conference Proceedings

[C2] Recent Developments in the Skyrme Model
(with Mark Roberts)
Proceedings of Quarks-2008, Sergiev Posad, Russia.
[C1] Quantization of Skyrmions
Proceedings of Quarks-2006, St Petersburg, Russia.

Other Publications

[O1] Structure of Skyrmions, PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge, 2001.

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