AAM Special Issue on

Computational Aspects of Differential/Difference Algebra and Integral Operators

Call for Papers

There will be a special issue of the journal Advances in Applied Mathematics entitled Computational aspects of differential/difference algebra and integral operators.

Guest Editors:

Moulay Barkatou (University of Limoges, XLIM DMI, Limoges, France)
Thomas Cluzeau (University of Limoges, CNRS, XLIM UMR 7252, DMI, Limoges, France)
Alexey Ovchinnikov (CUNY, Queens College and Graduate Center, New York, United States)
Georg Regensburger (Austrian Academy of Sciences, RICAM, Linz, Austria)
Markus Rosenkranz (University of Kent, SMSAS, Canterbury, United Kingdom)

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the scope of the ACA 2014 sessions Computational Differential and Difference Algebra and Algebraic and Algorithmic Aspects of Differential and Integral Operators.

A. Important Dates

The EXTENDED submission deadline is December 29. The final decision is expected around July 2015. In case the editors propose a revision, it is to be completed within one month.

B. Quality Standards

Equal to the regular quality standards of AAM.

C. Paper Preparation

The format is to follow the Elsevier author package. The preamble to use in the LaTeX source:

\journal{Advances in Applied Mathematics}

The bibliography style to use:


Bibliography format: BibTeX.

D. Paper Submission

  1. At the Elsevier website and, when asked to Choose Article Type, select "Research paper: Differential Algebra".
  2. In duplicate, to the Easychair website.
Please, note that AAM has a 4-year-open access policy, which means that a paper appearing in 2015 will be free-open access for personal use in 2019.