Algebraic and Algorithmic Differential and Integral Operator Session

ACA 2013

Malaga, Spain, 2-6 July 2013


Moulay Barkatou (University of Limoges, XLIM DMI, Limoges, France)
Thomas Cluzeau (University of Limoges, CNRS, XLIM UMR 7252, DMI, Limoges, France)
Georg Regensburger (Austrian Academy of Sciences, RICAM, Linz, Austria)
Markus Rosenkranz (University of Kent, SMSAS, Canterbury, United Kingdom)


The algebraic/symbolic treatment of differential equations is a flourishing field, branching out in a variety of subfields committed to different approaches. In this session, we want to give special emphasis to the operator perspective of both the underlying differential operators and various associated integral operators (e.g. as Green's operators for initial/boundary value problems).

In particular, we invite contributions in line with the following topics:

If you are interested in joining the session, please contact us.

Previous ACA sessions were held at Hagenberg 2008, Montréal 2009, Vlora 2010, Houston 2011, Sofia 2012. We have published an MCS Special Issue based on the 2008-10 sessions, and we are currently preparing a Springer LNCS Postproceedings Volume based on the 2012 session.

Note on Submission

The ACA organizers provide the following instructions for submitting talks: "In order to help in the proceedings elaboration, please use this LaTeX template to develop your abstract. The document generated by this LaTeX template is located here. Then, send a copy of the .tex file and a PDF version to the session organizers. Just in case that you are not used to deal with LaTeX, you can also send a plain text version of your proposal. Proceedings will be published with ISBN and, if your proposal is accepted, you can send an extended abstract or short paper up to 5 pages in order to include it in the proceedings."


Hynek Baran
Seeking recursion operators - an universal hierarchy example in dimension (2 + 1)

V. V. Bavula
The algebra of polynomial integro-differential operators and its group of automorphisms

Guillaume Chèze
Darboux theory of integrability in the sparse case
Abstract Slides

Thomas Cluzeau and Alban Quadrat
Isomorphisms and Serre's reduction of linear functional systems
Abstract Slides

Dahira Dali and Abdo Turqui
Qualitative Study of Polynomial Differential Systems (CANCELLED)

Ivan Dimovski and Margarita Spiridonova
Periodic and Mean-Periodic Solutions of LODEs with Constant Coefficients
Abstract Slides

Antoni Ferragut and Armengol Gasull
Looking for invariant algebraic curves
Abstract Slides

Tânia M. N. Gonçalves and Elizabeth L. Mansfield
Moving Frames and Noether's Conservation Laws - the General Case

Anja Korporal and Georg Regensburger
Interpolation with integral and Stieltjes conditions
Abstract Slides

Suzy Maddah
On Completely Integrable Pfaffian Systems with Normal Crossings
Abstract Slides

Nalina Phisanbut and Markus Rosenkranz
Linear Boundary Problems for Partial Differential Equations: Algebraic Setup and First Steps for Constant Coefficients
Abstract Slides

Clemens Raab
On the arithmetic of d'Alembertian functions
Abstract Slides

Daniel Robertz
Applying Thomas decomposition and algebraic analysis to certain nonlinear PDE systems
Abstract Slides

Sonia L. Rueada
Sparse differential resultant formulas: between the linear and the nonlinear case
Abstract Slides