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Links Mark F.J. Steel

Statistics links:
Bibliography for Computational Probability and Statistics
ISDS Stats sites
ISDS Bayesian Stats sites
American Statistical Association
Royal Statistical Society
Statistics journals
UK Directory of Academic Statisticians
Bayesian Model Averaging page (with Carmen Fernández and Eduardo Ley)
Chris Volinsky's Bayesian Model Averaging page
MCMC Preprint Service

Econom(etr)ics links:
Links Econometrics Journal
Econometrics journals
Econom(etr)ics journals
Econometrics software
EconPapers (easy access to RePEc and HoPEc)
IDEAS (large bibliographic database: papers, software, authors etc.)
RePEc (Research Papers in Economics, includes IDEAS)
Social Science Research Network
Scottish Doctoral Programme in Economics

General links:
College and University home pages
UK sensitive map
Web of Science

If you want to meet more Bayesians..... Bayesians Worldwide, ISBA
For a cultural interlude.... Invictus, The Road Not Taken, The Prophet
Or maybe you're looking for this..... The Dilbert zone Calvin and Hobbes Doonesburyzonker.jpg (10119 bytes) Get Fuzzy Pooch.gif (3620 bytes)

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Last updated: May 25, 2001