Foundations of Computational Mathematics Conference

Santander, 30 June - 9 July 2005

The symbolic analysis workshop will be during the Monday 4th July - Wednesday 6th July period of this conference.

At the workshop we wish to discuss applications of symbolic computations, algorithms and their implementations to analysis. The focal point of the workshop will be on algorithmic methods for differential equations including symbolic integration, equivalence methods, differential invariants and conservation laws, monodromy, Lie symmetry, differential Galois theory, symbolic-numeric techniques, involutivity, and more!!

Methods in algebra and geometry are important for the development of such algorithms, and the expertise of the speakers will be rather wide-ranging.

For this reason talks can not be overly technical; the emphasis will be on communicating ideas and techniques to a broadly based audience.

All abstracts

Draft timetable


Evelyne Hubert Semi-plenary speaker
Rational and Replacement Invariants of a Group Action
Werner Seiler Semi-plenary speaker
Vessiot Theory of Differential Equations
Jacques Sauloy Semi-plenary speaker
Explicit invariants for linear q-difference equations
Mohamed Barakat An abstract MAPLE-package for homological algebra
Irina Kogan Group-Invariant Moving Frames:
Symbolic Computation and Applications.
Jukka Tuomela Elliptic boundary problems and Shapiro-Lopatinskij condition
Peter Hydon Symmetries of initial-value problems
Thomas Wolf Some Symmetry Classifications of
Hyperbolic Vector Evolution Equations
Roman Smirnov Superintegrability of the Calogero-Moser Model
via Invariant Theory and Symbolic Analysis
Marko Petkovsek Solution Spaces of Hypergeometric Systems and
and the Structure of Hypergeometric Terms
Markus Rosenkranz Linear Two-Point Boundary Value Problems
in Symbolic Computation: A New Approach
Anton LeykinDeflation of polynomial systems at isolated solutions
Sebastian GannDividing fairly: Division of polynomials and power series
by linear differential operators
Francisco Castro JimenezCohomological questions in Computational D-module Theory
Greg ReidProgress on Methods for Symbolic and Numeric
Elimination Methods for Differential Systems


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Peter Olver
Michael Singer

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