Diana Cole : Research Webpages

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of Kent. You can find out more about my research by following the links on the left.

My PhD students:
  • Ben Hubbard: 2010-2014 Parameter Redundancy and Applications in Statistical Ecology (first supervisor)
  • Chen Yu: 2011-2015 The use of mixture models in capture-recapture (second supervisor)
  • Natoya Jourdain: 2012-2017 New analytical methods for estimating key ecological parameters from camera trapping data (first supervisor)
  • Anita Jeyman: 2013-2017 New methods of model-selection and assessment for complex capture-recapture models (second supervisor)
  • Ming Zhou:2014- The statistical development of ecological removal models (second supervisor)
  • Marina Jimenez-Munoz: 2015- Integrated population models with spatial information (first supervisor)

  • Previously I was a research associate at the University of Kent, where I worked on two projects:
  • Parameter redundancy and state-space modelling using the Kalman Filters. This project was part of the National Centre for Statistical Ecology, and was supervised by Byron Morgan.
  • Stochastic models for yeast prion propagation, funded by a BBSRC grant held by Mick Tuite, Byron Morgan and Martin Ridout. I was working in collaboration with Lee Byrne, a research associate in the Research School of Biosciences, at the University of Kent.

  • I also obtained my PhD in Statistics at the University of Kent. My thesis title was ‘Stochastic Branching Processes in Biology’ and I was supported by an EPSRC Case studentship with East Malling Horticultural Research International and supervised by Byron Morgan and Martin Ridout.