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Actuarial Science,
University of Kent,
Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NF, UK.

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Spotted flycatcher, Muscicapa striata, nesting on my house

Born: Swansea, 1946.

Educated:  Aberdare Boys’ Grammar School, Imperial College, and Churchill College Cambridge.

Married with a son and a daughter.

Worked: World Health Organisation Cancer Research Unit in Lyons, the Medical Research Council Applied Psychology Unit, Cambridge, the Division of Mathematics and Statistics, CSIRO, Melbourne, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Has spent most of career in the University of Kent, with frequent visits, in particular to CNRS, Montpellier, the Max Planck Institute for Demography, Rostock, and the Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra.

Currently: Director of the EPSRC National Centre for Statistical Ecology, and supervisor of 7 research students and one BBSRC-supported post-doc.

Primary research interests: applied statistics, biometry, statistical ecology, stochastic models for molecular biology, parameter redundancy, applications of Bayesian methods, population dynamics, and fitting stable laws.

BBSRC research grants: The research from two recent BBSRC research grants is described at and

Research collaborators: Takis Besbeas, Steve Brooks, Ted Catchpole, Tim Clutton-Brock, Diana Cole, Tim Coulson, David Fletcher, Stephen Freeman, Gilles Gautier, Olivier Gimenez, Bill Gullick, Mike Harris, Nandini Hayes, Richard Jarrett, Ian Jolliffe, Byron Jones, Ruth King, Jean-Dominique Lebreton, Sophia Liow, Kelly Moyes, Warwick Nash, Roger Pradel, Martin Ridout, David Smith, Peter Sonksen, Giacomo Tavecchia, David Thomson, Mike Titterington,  Mick Tuite, Richard Tweedie, Anne Viallefont, Qiwei Yao, and many others.

Past Editor:  Applied Statistics, Biometrics Shorter Communications and the Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics.

Past President:  International Biometric Society.

Invited speaker: the International Biometric Society (San Francisco, Cairns, Dublin, Cape Town), the International Statistical Institute (Beijing, Seoul), SEEM4 (Dunedin) and Euring (Montpellier, Point Reyes, Patuxent, Dunedin, Radolfzel).

Lecturing: Computational Statistics and Applied Stochastic Modelling.
CPD course for the Royal Statistical Society on Applied Stochastic Modelling, July, 2008.

Hobbies: saxophone, rowing, cycling, ornithology, reading, piano, and mole-catching.