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Chris joined SMSAS in 2017 from City University where he held a Research Fellowship for the Exhibition of 1851.

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Bowman, C. and Giannelli, E. (2018). The Integral Isomorphism Behind Row Removal Phenomena For Schur Algebras​. Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society [Online]. Available at:
Bessenrodt, C. and Bowman, C. (2017). Multiplicity-Free Kronecker Products of Characters of the Symmetric Groups. Advances in Mathematics [Online] 322:473-529. Available at:
Bowman, C., De Visscher, D. and Enyang, J. (2017). Simple Modules for the Partition Algebra and Monotone Convergence of Kronecker Coefficients. International Mathematics Research Notices [Online]. Available at:
Bowman, C. and Speyer, L. (2017). Kleshchev's decomposition numbers for diagrammatic Cherednik algebras. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society [Online]. Available at:
Bowman, C., Enyang, J. and Goodman, F. (2017). Diagram algebras, dominance triangularity and skew cell modules. Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society [Online] 104:13-36. Available at:
Bowman, C., Enyang, J. and Goodman, F. (2018). The cellular second fundamental theorem of invariant theory for classical groups. International Mathematics Research Notices.
Total publications in KAR: 6 [See all in KAR]
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Research Interests

Combinatorics and representation theories of diagrammatic algebras. This includes "diagram algebras" which arise in classical invariant theory (partition algebras, Brauer algebras, and the like) and also those which arise in the "higher representation theory" setting (KLR algebras, diagrammatic Cherednik algebras, and the like). back to top


MA595/MA995: Graphs and Combinatorics
MA5503: Groups and Symmetries back to top

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School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science (SMSAS), Sibson Building, Parkwood Road, Canterbury, CT2 7FS

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