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Daniel Alai joined the University of Kent in January of 2014. He is also an Associate Investigator in the Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR).

In 2006, Daniel graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Mathematics, double honours in Actuarial Science and Statistics, where he also spent one semester as a research assistant in the Actuarial Science and Statistics Department of the Faculty of Mathematics. Daniel obtained his PhD from the Department of Mathematics at ETH Zürich. From June of 2010, he was a senior Research Associate and casual Lecturer in the School of Risk and Actuarial Studies at the University of New South Wales.

Daniel has worked for insurance companies such as Sun Life (Waterloo) and Manulife (Waterloo), as well as for consulting companies KPMG (Toronto) and Tillinghast-Towers Perrin (New York City).

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Alai, D. et al. (2018). Mind the Gap: A Study of Cause-Specific Mortality by Socioeconomic Circumstances. North American Actuarial Journal [Online]:1-21. Available at:
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Alai, D. and Wüthrich, M. (2009). Taylor Approximations for Model Uncertainty within the Tweedie Exponential Dispersion Family. ASTIN Bulletin [Online] 39:453-477. Available at:
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