Recent Grants


Painleve equations: analytical properties and numerical computation

EPSRC Grant EP/P026532/1, 2017-2019

Principal Investigator: Dr Alfredo Deaño

Exact solutions for discrete and continuous nonlinear systems

EPSRC Grant EP/P012698/1, 2016-2020

Principal Investigator: Prof Jing Ping Wang

Interactions between representation theory, Poisson algebras and differential algebraic geometry

EPSRC Grant EP/N034449/1, 2016-2019

Principal Investigator: Prof Stéphane Launois

Fast numerical algorithms for computing the convolution of compactly supported functions

Royal Society, 2016-2017

Principal Investigator: Dr Kuan Xu

Conservation laws and symmetries of difference and differential-difference equations

Royal Society, 2015-2016

Principal Investigator: Dr Pavlos Xenitidis

RTQSAL: Representation theory of quantum algebras and their semi-classical limits

EC Seventh Framework Programme (Marie Curie Action) ref 329098, 2013-2015

Principal Investigator: Dr Stéphane Launois

Spectral Analysis of non-selfadjoint and selfadjoint operators - New methods and applications

EC Seventh Framework Programme (Marie Curie Action) ref 299919, 2013-2015

Principal Investigator: Dr Ian Wood

Skyrmion-Skyrmion scattering and nuclear physics

EPSRC Grant EP/I034491/1, 2012-2014

Principal Investigator: Dr Steffen Krusch

From hyperbolic geometry to nonlinear Perron-Frobenius theory

EPSRC Grant EP/J008508/1, 2012-2013

Principal Investigator: Dr Bas Lemmens

Computer algebra for linear boundary problems

EPSRC Grant EP/I037474/1, 2012-2014

Principal Investigator: Dr Markus Rosenkranz

Structure of partial difference equations with continuous symmetries and conservation laws

EPSRC Grant EP/I038659/1, 2012-2015

Principal Investigator: Dr Jing Ping Wang

Total positivity, quantised coordinate rings and Poisson geometry

EPSRC Grant EP/I018549/1, 2011-2013

Principal Investigator: Dr Stephane Launois

Group actions in function approximation spaces

EPSRC Grant EP/H024018/1, 2010-2013

Principal Investigator: Professor Elizabeth Mansfield

Quantum integrability and differential equations

EPSRC Grant EP/G039526/1, 2009-2013

Principal Investigator: Dr Clare Dunning

Among the individuals to have received London Mathematical Society grants recently are

  • Prof Peter Clarkson
  • Dr Alfredo Deaño
  • Dr Clare Dunning
  • Dr Steffen Krusch
  • Dr Bas Lemmens
  • Dr Ana Loureiro
  • Dr Clelia Pech
  • Dr Constanze Roitzheim
  • Dr Jim Shank
  • Dr Jing Ping Wang
  • Dr Nils Waterstraat
  • Dr Ian Wood

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Last Updated: 25/08/2017