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School Reception is open Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00

  • For handing in coursework - by 12:00, and
  • Requesting module or degree changes,
  • Finding out about timetable clashes and similar queries, and
  • Any other non-academic queries we can help with.

ClockNOTE: Coursework due on a particular date must be submitted by 12:00 on that date. Late coursework receives a mark of zero.

Requests and Forms

Status Letter Request

A status letter confirms that you are a registered student at the University and includes your full name (as noted on your student record), date of birth, course title, registration date, completion date, degree classification (if applicable) and graduation date (if applicable). It may be used, for example, for the purpose of opening a bank account.

Status letters are provided by the Student Records and Examinations Office; find out more.

Module Transfer form

Changing modules is usually quite easy to arrange but you must be sure it will be in your best academic interests.

  • You should discuss any proposed changes with your Academic Adviser. (S)he will have to sign the Module Transfer form (PDF, 238 KB)
  • You must also speak to the module convenor(s) for each module that you wish to join. You will need their signature(s) confirming that you can join the module(s).
  • If one or more of the modules are not taught by SMSAS contact the relevant School office for each of these modules.
  • There are time limits for these sorts of changes. The University's Regulations for Taught Programmes of Study define what these are.
  • Return your completed Module Transfer form(s) to the School Office.

Changes to degree programme

Changing degree programmes is not a step to undertake lightly. You must be sure that the change is in your best academic interests, and follow the procedure here:

Intermission form

If you wish to break your studies (ordinarily for one academic year) you will need to complete an Intermission Form and return it to the School Office. The form may be downloaded via our Intermission page.

Withdrawal from studies form


If you wish to withdraw from your studies altogether you will need to complete a Withdrawal from studies form (PDF 237 KB). You must be sure that this is in your best academic interests. You should discuss the matter with your Academic Adviser, who will need to sign the form, and so will the Senior Tutor.

Completed Withdrawal Forms should be returned to the School Office.

Concessions requests

If something happens which adversely affects your ability to study you could apply for a concession. Make sure you read our page explaining more about concessions. This gives details of eligibility, examples, and FAQs.

Third Party Consent Form

The Data Protection Act does not permit us to disclose information about individual students with third parties, including parents, unless we have the student's written consent. To facilitate this, the School's Third Party Consent Form  (PDF 354 KB) needs to be fully completed and submitted to the School.

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