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PhD applications

SMSAS offers a small number of PhD Scholarships each year through funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the University of Kent Scholarship Office, and from our own School funding.

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Entry requirements
  • Our minimum entry requirement for research programmes in Actuarial Science is a first degree with at least upper second class honours in Actuarial Science or a subject that covers all or most of the Core Technical subjects of the examinations of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.
  • A first degree or Master's degree in a mathematical, statistical or economics-based subject and passes in the majority of the Core Technical professional examinations would also be acceptable.
  • A lower number of exemptions may be acceptable if an applicant is able to demonstrate strong statistical abilities.
  • These are minimum requirements which those accepted into the programme will typically exceed.
  • Applications are only accepted via the University's online applications process.
  • Make sure you read the general advice on the School's PhD applications page
  • For general information about applying to Kent please see postgraduate applications which has links to the online application system.
  • For information on the main areas of research currently covered please refer to our list of research supervisors.
  • As part of the application process, you will be required to provide supporting information, including appropriate detail on your proposed research area – this is essential as applicants will not be accepted without a firm idea of the area of study. In addition you may be required to prepare a short report to demonstrate your research capabilities and understanding of the subject area as part of the process.
  • We may require a telephone interview to discuss your application.
  • Make sure you gather as much of this information together as possible before you apply. Cross refer to our checklist below.
Information Checklist

Please note that applications can only be processed when accompanied by the correct documentation (academic references, evidence of academic qualifications and of English language ability). In addition we will require evidence of professional qualifications and/or exemptions obtained.

Here is the full list of what we require:

  • Academic History with, for each academic qualification:
    • the name and address of the institution;
    • qualifications obtained: classification, course title/major, dates obtained;
    • module marks/marksheet;
    • make sure to highlight actuarial subjects.
  • Professional qualifications/exemptions: please detail all professional qualifications obtained; in particular please give details of actuarial subjects passed.
  • Experience, if any, of the following:
    • Stochastic processes and stochastic modeling;
    • Programming languages;
    • Academic research (including any publications).



CASRI has been steadily expanding its research capacity, building up a team of internationally renowned academics and research students. Since we're part of the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science our researchers can easily access experts in statistics and mathematics. Further support comes from the Graduate School.

Our active seminar programme involves a wide range of speakers.

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