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  • Kevin Dawe
    Professor Kevin Dawe
    Professor of Music (Current...
    Kevin Dawe is an ethnomusicologist who researches a wide range of musica...
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  • Paul Fretwell
    Dr Paul Fretwell
    Senior Lecturer in Music
    Paul Fretwell is a composer of instrumental and electronic music. He res...
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  • Sean Williams
    Dr Sean Williams
    Associate Lecturer in Audio...
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  • Ben Curry
    Dr Ben Curry
    Director of Programmes, Lec...
    Ben Curry is a musicologist specializing in the field of music and meani...
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  • Anneke Scott
    Anneke Scott
    Assistant Lecturer in Music...
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  • Richard Lightman
    Richard Lightman
    Admissions Officer, Lecture...
    Richard is a Lecturer, Composer, Producer and Sound Design Practitioner.
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  • Kate Halsall
    Kate Halsall
    Associate Lecturer in Music...
    Kate Halsall is a pianist commissioning experimental contemporary music ...
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  • Rowland Sutherland
    Rowland Sutherland
    Assistant Lecturer in Music...
    Rowland Sutherland is a flautist and educator.
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  • Amber Priestley
    Dr Amber Priestley
    Associate Lecturer in Music
    Amber is a composer and sound designer for film and the theatre.
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  • Tommaso Perego
    Tommaso Perego
    Associate Lecturer in Music
    Tommaso Perego is a composer and performer based in London.
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