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Music and Audio Arts Sound Theatre (MAAST)

Music and Audio Arts Sound Theatre (MAAST) is a portable and flexible sound diffusion system designed for the performance of electroacoustic music and research in spatial sound.

The system comprises a custom-made 32-channel Gluion console, two MOTU audio interfaces, an array of Genelec loudspeakers which include sixteen bi-amplified 8020s, twenty 8040s, four tri-amplified 1038s, 7060B and 7070A subwoofers, and custom-made loudspeaker stands that can be extended up to 3 metres in height. The console controls the sound diffusion through OSC and Max/MSP. The system allows for diffusion of stereo and multichannel works, and its setup is flexible, depending on the spatial characteristic of concert and sound installation venues.

For further information, collaboration/rental, please contact the Director of MAAST Dr Aki Pasoulas.


Forthcoming Events


25 May 2018
MAAST Concert with Greenwich University
Royal Dockyard Church, Chatham

An exchange concert (the second in the series) between Greenwich University and University of Kent students. It will involve multi-channel electroacoustic compositions of spatial sound and audiovisual works by students.

FREE to attend but booking via Eventbrite.




Past Events

April 2017
The Sound Of Memory Symposium: Sound-track/Sound-scape

Sound and image works along with paper presentations situated at the interface of composers working in acoustic ecologies and artists working within social ecologies, where the primary engagement is a form of sonic ethnography. The symposium explores memory’s resonances in shaping social space. Co-hosted by the Sound-Image-Space Research Centre (SMFA), the School of Sound, and Goldsmiths University of London.


21 May 2016
Denis Smalley 70th Birthday Celebration Concert with World Premiere
Colyer Fergusson Building, Canterbury

Professor Denis Smalley is one of the world's leading acousmatic composers, scholar and pioneer of electroacoustic music. His works have been widely acclaimed, winning a number of international awards. He has made original contributions to thinking about sound, in particular with his investigations into listener's perception and the notion of spectromorphology. In 2013 he became Honorary Professor at the University of Kent, and this programme features the world premiere of Denis Smalley's new work, commissioned work by the School of Music and Fine Art, celebrating his 70th birthday.

Professor Simon Emmerson, who worked closely with Denis Smalley, will give a pre-concert talk on the continuing influence of music and theories developed by Smalley; the session will include a QA with both composers and will be broadcast on Resonance FM. The event is kindly funded by the Sound-Image-Space Research Centre.


20 May 2016
Denis Smalley 70th Birthday Celebration Concert with World Premiere
Colyer Fergusson Building, Canterbury

‘Cinema for the Ears’ students perform their own stereophonic and multichannel acousmatic works, along with final year soundscape projects.


30 November - 6 December 2015
On the Admissibility of Sound

Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London

A new configuration of works organised by fig-2 in the ICA Theatre and the ICA Studio. Composer Seth Ayyaz presented an installation of his multichannel AAdM Listening system using part of the MAAST, two electroacoustic concerts with the MAAST diffusion system, a specially commissioned publication and supporting events.



18 September – 25 November 2015
Lesions in the Landscape: Exploring Memory, Identity and Space
Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool
A multi-channel, multi-screen installation by Dr Shona Illingworth, exploring the impact of amnesia and the erasure of individual and cultural memory.



14-16 May 2015
Acousmatic Transcendence: A Feast of Diffusion
Slip 3, Chatham Historic Dockyard

‘Acousmatic Transcendence’ was a festival of sound comprising spatial sound workshops and concerts. The events brought together two sound diffusion systems (from the University of Kent and Vienna) that amounted to 65 loudspeakers. Featured prominent composers: Prof. Denis Smalley, Prof. Jonty Harrison.



21 April 2015
AISB Convention 2015
Electroacoustic concert, as part of the AISB Convention of the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour.



6 July 2014
Speed of Sound – Aerodynamics and experimental acoustics
Wind Tunnels, Farnborough

The ‘Speed of Sound’, part of the Wind Tunnel Project, at Farnborough was a massive installation and concert in a number of challenging spaces in the Wind Tunnels, originally used for flight testing.



20 June 2014
Töne Festival
Chatham Historic Dockyard

Live diffusion of works played by four cellos; part of the Töne Festival.



29 May 2014
Electroacoustic Concert featuring Postgraduate and Undergraduate works

Chatham Historic Dockyard

21-23 March 2014
The Music of Bernard Parmegiani
Britannia House, London

Bernard Parmegiani tribute concerts, hosted by LCMF.  The events featured many high-profile guests, including the director of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) Daniel Teruggi, Denis Smalley and Jonty Harrison.


8-9 November 2013
Symposium on Acoustic Ecology
Slip 3, Chatham Historic Dockyard
The symposium investigated soundscapes as complex sounding systems that change in space and time, and shape our understanding of the surrounding world. The MAAST concerts featured 18 new compositions including a new multichannel work by Prof. Barry Truax.


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