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Jun 8
10:00 - 19:00
METABODY 2017 Kent - Ontohacking Workshop conducted by Jaime del Val
Ontopolitics of perception in the Algoricene: Ecologies of indeterminacy in the Big Data Era

Ontopolitics of perception in the Algoricene: Ecologies of indeterminacy in the Big Data Era

International Metabody Forum - IMF 2017

This workshop would offer participants a unique opportunity to explore some of the key questions driving current trans-disciplinary and practice based research through active participation with a leader in the field. This would enable artists and researchers alike to develop and test their research methods, and gain valuable insight into trans-disciplinary and practice based research processes and collaborative practice based investigation, thus opening up the potential of futurity, navigation and speculation within practice as research.

In the Big Data Era new threats to plurality emerge as strategies of preemption and modulation of behaviour of the human and nonhuman acquire increasing sophistication in algorithmic and Big Data environments. From Trump and the Brexit, whose victories were seemingly modulated through big data analytics, to cyberwar, and affective mass media politics, from ubiquitous surveillance, modulation of consumer's behaviours, capitalization of microgestures,  to the war fronts, a new turn to power is happening (which Brian Massumi calls Ontopower), focusing on capturing potentiality and emergence while operating in affective, not in ideological registers. Which is the underlying perceptual ecology of Ontopower, and most importantly, how to elaborate new modes of resistance to, and reinvention beyond, such modes of power and violence?

Jaime del Val is one of the most significant artists/ philosophers in Europe working at the transdisciplinary frontiers of body, subjectivity and the algorecene. Jaime is also the founder of -  a major European research project that questions the homogenisation of expressions induced by current information and control technologies.

Metamedialab / Ontohacklab

Ontohacking implies a critical reinvention of perceptual structures, which alters the way bodies move, relate and constitute social ecologies. The focus is on developing indeterminate perceptual ecologies where different kinds of people, including neurodiverse and diversely abled people can project and further elaborate their cognitive worlds, proposing therapies for the environment and its rigid alignments rather than attempting to normalise the individual.

Ontohacking  Workshop: Content

The first part of the workshop is focused on theory and involves established embodied practices of theory making and discussion. The second part of the workshop involves other kinds of embodied practices. The workshop doesn't require any specific movement knowledges, we will play with each body's embodied knowledge.

Visual artists, media artists, musicians, dancers, performers, actors, architects, philosophers, historians, anthropologists, technosientists, hackers, social workers and activists, gender hackers, body hackers, neurodiverse people, other abled bodies, people partaking from non mainstream western perceptual ecologies, indigenous peoples, people living in confinement or in nomadic situations, are welcome amongst others.

1.Ontohacking Theoretical Practices

Metamedia: the way media structures perception

Genealogy of perception, from Hippodamus and Euclides in Greece through Renaissance perspective to Big Data.

Ontology of information:

Embodied nature of information

Algoricene – form, pattern, movement

Movement ontologies.

Reinventing movement beyond the mechanic tradition. From pre-Socrates  to embodied cognition and beyond.

Ontohacking: the critical redefinition of perceptual structures

aesthetics, politics, ethics, ecology

2. Ontohacking / Metaformance Practices

Clinamics/disalignments – movement techniques based on proprioception and microperceptions - may involve going outdoors.

Flexinamics – physical flexible and dynamic architecture modules as body extensions - - may involve going outdoors.

Amorphogenesis – non representation VR and amorphous digital intra-active environments.

Microsexes – surveillance cameras on the skin and electronically processed voice for a body without anatomy.



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