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Professor Jeremy Carrette

Professor of Philosophy, Religion and Culture

Dean for Europe

Office: Cornwallis North West 157


Jeremy Carrette examines interdisciplinary aspects of the study of philosophy, religion and culture. His current work builds on his previous studies of the philosophy of William James and seeks to assess James’s contribution to the philosophy of love, building on biographical and philosophical material from his notebooks and main works. This research was supported by a British Academy grant to work at the William James Archive, Houghton Library, Harvard University, in Spring 2016. His other work is in the area of religion, globalization and international institutions, with particular focus on the United Nations, which was developed from an AHRC/ESRC project with Professor Hugh Miall in Politics and International Relations. He also works across aspects of psychoanalysis and the philosophy of religion.

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Jeremy Carrette teaches modules on William James and psychoanalysis, ethics and mind.

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